Red Hood or Gravemaker

There can be only one!

To me Gravemaker is the best damaging red hero, more PvP centric.
Red Hood could be helpful vs Knights event and is still a good healer.

You should say us how many healers & damaging heroes you have to have better advices but Id say Gravemaker.

I was in favour of gravemaker to be honest. I don’t have many attacking reds so he will work

Following for answers, too.

I thought Grave was a shoo-in, but I just love Red so â– â– â– â–  much.

I’ve got Vivica and a bunch of 4* healers maxed, none of which are really great on raid defence.
My only levelled red heroes are BT, Kestrel, Falcon, and Lance, so there’s a solid case for both.

I can see a Boldtusk (or Sir. Lancelot) - G. Falcon - Gravemaker holy trio in your next events :joy:

don’t believe Falcons debuff factors into DOT.

Hood… 5* healer… endless you have 5* healers

I don’t believe that, but I know that GM’s elemental link empowers attack, making up for BT & Falcon’s low score, and also empower their great defense (even better if with 4* crit troops) making them more durable than most of the heroes. A very fast special is still something that could be helpful even if his direct damage isn’t that high.

Good point tho, maybe someone could have misunderstood my post.

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Both GM and Red Hood are very good heroes. They are good, though, in different ways. GM can deal out a huge amount of damage, particularly when paired with a level 11+ 4* mana troop. That’s why he got rings from me first. Red is one of the best healers in the game, tho, particularly if you face Guinevere (foxes negate Guin’s mana-drop) often. She’s getting my next set of rings.

I would have reversed that order, but I already have a decent set of 5* healers, so the damage was more important to my team than the extra healer.


Thank you.
I have Ares, Guin, Alby, Delilah… I was leaning towards GM for the shear attack capability, I could even put him in my defence team.
Like others that I have mentioned Red only does a partial heal. @Kerridoc

I wasn’t fortunate enough to land Hood, I tried so so hard. I had dreams of putting her next to Delilah and just watching the board fill with minions (yes I know no more than 3 per hero, but still). I did however get GM (and he’s now next to Delilah), and I can say he’s an absolute beast and he charges ridiculously fast. If a team doesn’t have a way to get those dots off of them, it’s over. So if you’re looking to put more teeth on your team, you absolutely can’t go wrong with GM.

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