Red hood needs a buff

Exactly this :laughing: I support a buff but I also can not Vote :upside_down_face:

Buff her damage to 250% to all enemies and call it a day. Or make her minions really special, giving mana and health recovery with stronger minion health.


Careful don’t make my anzogh the weakest red 5* average hero, he only has Red Hood to make him look like he is ok lol.


I’m sorry Gwyn I can’t vote either. I definitely would if I could.


For sake of consolidation of votes, @Dudeious.Maximus please merge to below


Aw, thank you for the support and merge - I saw this thread, but wasn´t sure it was labelled as a “buff to hero” as it was an older one. Hopefully she will be shown some love soon :pray:

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then let’s ask red hood and anzogh for buffs!!


I agree, there is an anzogh buff thread too.

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Most likely the foxes will boost health by 80-100hp every turn

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I agree that she needs an overall revisit. Maybe anywhere from 150% buff up to maybe 180% direct damage to all. A boost to her health and defense. Raising the hp of her minions to 21% and recovers 11% health for it’s owners like a sort if hulda type hero with direct damage.

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I delete 1 vote from another thread and put it here, she really need buff, 220% damage to all and 20-25% HP for her minions, her stats it’s not so strong like the new heroes so I think this changes it’s not so big but will return her in the game.


I´ll take it! Even the smallest of buff is a move in the right direction :pray:

Red Hood is outdated now, too weak. A simple tweak of 180% damage and made a fast hero will make her more like Morel and be relevant.

If they have to buff her they have to buff it properly because they will not buff her anymore again, so one small buff will leave her again benched forever.

Maybe. Noor has had two buffs with a slight increase to the minions hp/damage a while back and just recently adding the 10% heal.

Personally I’m not a huge fan of the damage to all especially on a hero that is otherwise a utility, pseudo healer. I fee like it would be best if they leaned into one roll or another. If they want to lean into the healer side maybe something alone the lines of what Noor is. 10% heal, buff the minions to 25 or 30% health so effectively a 35-40% heal on cast and then some heal over time from the minions while they last. The added health would make the minions harder to kill off so more likely to get some heal over time. Since they don’t have any attack I think it feels fine for them to potentially be very strong on the healing side of things.

They could also lean into the utility side of things. Make the minions offer more protection while they are out. Protect from silences in addition to mana reduction. Cleanse every turn. Protection from negative stacks. Plenty of options for what they could do and maybe a little more hp so they protection lasts longer.

If they do a costume they could make the 10% heal and/or the minion heal boosted health.

She deserves a buff, she is currently one of the weakest heroes.
I can’t see any purpose to use her. Average speed, low damage, weak minions


I think Red Hood could do with a two-part buff:

  • First, a boost to her stats to bring her in line with the newer generation of Challenge Event Heroes (i.e Finley, Snow White, etc) so that there is less of a power discrepancy between heroes in the same portal.
  • Second, a Special Skill buff since her skill is very out of date.

Since the second wave of Challenge Event heroes hover around 780 power, this seems like a good baseline to use. To that end, I propose the following:

Attack: 729 → 735
Defense: 708 → 726
HP: 1353 → 1396
Power: 767 → 780

At her core, Red Hood is about her minions, so the bulk of the increase I propose goes to her HP to bulk up her minions. However, even with the proposed stat buff, they would still be frail. That is where the proposed buff to her Special Skill comes in.

First, her damage at 131% is rather weak when even fast heroes are doing more damage. However, as this is not the primary focus, I would propose bumping this to 150% damage.

Now her minions are the main focus of her skill. While 14% may have been enough way back when she was released, they simply are too frail for today’s damage oriented metagame. To that end, I propose they be buffed to 20% HP. Additionally, as even at 20% HP, they won’t be sturdy per se, the healing can be bumped up to 11% HP per turn to match Hulda’s since without the defense buff Hulda offers, they wilk still be wiped out in 1 or 2 hits.

Essentially, this makes Red Hood a more offensive, albeit weaker, alternative to Hulda. It also leaves space for her eventual costume to help her improve to be a real peer to the more modern Hulda.


Give her foxes overheal and that would vastly increase her worth

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There should be a “Robin Hood family” created, and have the vanilla Heroes Little John and Friar Tuck adopted into it.

Costumed Friar Tuck should be made into one of the underworld family because he now wears Victorian era clothing.

Haha, and she finally got a buff. What is the expert’s opinion on her now? Personally the healing should be buffed to 10%. I’m assuming overheal will be for her costume

I am really happy with this but at least they have to give her a little bit more stats.