Red Hood Mechanics?

So a question for those of you that have Red Hood. I just recently got her to 3/70 and moved her into my farming team. I like her a lot, but noticed an oddity. My farm team is mostly an AOE/Hit3 team because I’m trying to go fast. But I also use it to play with new specials… Left to right the team is currently: Little John - Drake Fong - Grimm - Red Hood - Tiburtus. All maxed except Red at 3/70.

When I trigger her special it hits all as it should, and then at the end of the turn the foxes heal “their” hero. Her special reads, “The minion recovers 7% health for its owner at the end of each turn.” I believe that is 7% of Red’s HP. However, at the end of each turn my foxes increase the health of my heroes by 96hp - 96hp - 84hp - 84hp - 84hp. …why the difference? It is NOT tied to the hp of the individual hero. Little John is by far the lowest hp hero on my farm team, but he’s receiving the most healing - tied with Drake who has the highest HP. Grimm, Tiburtus, and Red all have very different HPs but all receive 84hp per turn. Is this how it’s supposed to work? Is it a bug?

Not a critical issue, but was certainly a curiosity to me. I simply can’t explain it based on her card.

Note that the HP of each hero are also inclusive of the troops, some troops increase HP by about 8-10% depending on the level, and troops for each of your heroes may not be the same, my guess is that this will likely be the source of the difference in the HP added by the RedHood minions on each hero.

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Bingo. There you go… Level 12 Mana troops that have a 15% healing bonus attached. I knew I was missing something… embarrassed that it was that simple and I overlooked it.

Thanks OLIZ.