Red hood foxes can’t be beat

I have to say you game creators really blew it this time. You have created a character that can’t be beat, due to the Fox being invincible. It takes 2 of my strongest heroes, level 70, with a 45% attack increase to take out just one of the little foxes. And the tiles do not have any effect on the foxes. I had a 12 combo go right up the middle, with 2 foxes showing. They were still there after the 12 combo! That is totally ridiculous! I was looking forward to this event, so I could get some much needed ascension items. But you have made that impossible, with this super character. Now, I don’t even want to play your stupid game. Hope your satisfied with yourselves! You have really ticked off a lot of your dedicated players!


It isn’t impossible. I’ve already beaten all three tiers.
For Rare, I used Belith, Valen, Bane, Ulmer and Kailani, all maxed.
For Epic, I used Melendor, Grimm, Chao, Caedmon all maxed and Kiril 2/45 or so.
For Legendary, Melendor 4/70, Grimm 4/70, Isarnia 3/70, Chao 4/70 And Lianna 2/60

But did she fire her foxes or not? I’ve cleared them all as well BUT she never once fired her special so I don’t know that beating it doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem still.

Someone posted here that their Red Hood did not cap at 3 foxes, so a bug could be the problem.

She did fire her foxes at least once on each tier, and twice on Epic. They were a pain, but vulnerable to blue special attacks

Interesting - thanks for posting back.

She fires a fox every 3 turns on my game, just like clockwork, with no exception. And as I said, the tiles do not have any effect on the foxes on my game, and I don’t care what hero I use, it takes 2 charged heroes to take down just 1 fox. They are suppose to only have 248 life, but mine appear to have about 2000 on life. May not be playing the same for everyone, but those are my experiences with red hood. It takes at least 3 turns to get a hero charged up, and if it takes 2 heroes to kill 1 fox, then the fight is going to continue forever!

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What heroes are you using, and at what levels? What battle items are you bringing? Are you fully healing your team and fully charging your mana by ghosting tiles before you kill the last mob and move on to the boss level?

Not sure if you are asking me that question, or the one that was writing just before you. My heroes used are Caedmon, level 70, Sabina, level 70, Hu Tao, level 70, Boldtusk, level 60, and Richard, level 60. Craft items used are arrows, axes, bombs, and revive scrolls, although I did not use any scrolls yet. I always go into the boss level fully charged with all of my heroes. I do not use any craft items until I enter the boss level. I always attack with +45% attack given by Boldtusk. But if the tiles are doing no damage, there is no way to make any progress against red hood. Because I have 2 healers, redhood is unable to beat me. But, because the little fox can withstand huge damage from my heroes (and is not damaged by the tile attacks), there is no way to progress on this level. Red hood spits out a fox every 3 turns, without ever taking longer. Her mana shoots up full every 3 turns, no matter what color tile hits her. This character is flawed! I have went in and waited until my 3 attackers were charged up, fired all arrows, used all axes and bombs, and then hit her with all 3 attackers with +45% attack from Boldtusk. She does not flinch at all. Kill her sidekicks easily, but she is invincible with the fox minions.

so stop bringing a 2nd healer (sabina) and bring another blue hitter.

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Can you color stack heroes? I used 2 green, 2 blue, and 1 yellow to beat each tier, to get essentially double tile damage. For Legendary, I used Melendor to remove their buffs, Grimm to lower their defense quickly, Lianna (at 2/60) for her massive damage quickly, Isarnia (at 3/70) to further lower their defense, and Chao to slow their mana. I came in at full health and fully charged. Started with Isarnia to lower defense, then hit them with all my items to weaken them, then focused all my single target hitters on Red, with Chao last to lower her mana. Then used my mana potions to set up a second round of specials before I moved a single tile.

I too beat all three tiers on the first try. I used one healer. Take mana, arrows, axes, bombs and dragon attacks. Make sure your heroes have their mana maxed before the third round. Target Red Hood then fire all your heroes. Then fire off all the arrows, etc. Good luck!

I used Grimm (4/70), Sonya (4/63), Wukong (4/52), Caedmon(4/70), and Delilah 3/63). Definitely recommend doubling Blues and taking either Green or Yellow to take on Wolf and Rumple then move onto Red Hood. You can even triple Blues since they still do neutral damage against purple Wolf and blue Rumple. If you’re really having trouble on Legendary bring Timestops or Bombs/Dragon Attacks/Axes/Arrows to clear out the foxes and bosses. You really need blue though, can’t kill a red boss without any Blue tiles. Tiles do most of the work, not the hero specials.

Edit: Also might be a bug since Hood is only suppose to have 3 fox minions max but some people are getting infinite foxes. I don’t think I experienced this because I got lazy and just used items to stop Red Hood from firing and cleared out the level pretty fast.

Impossible without double blue hitters level 4 or more. I’ve only recently gotten a blue 4* hitter, so no chance. Thats all good though. Team is growing with potential monthly.

Alasie lvl 69 3 rd tier can 1 shot fox and do dmg to her, also reflect dmg I use broil bypasses the fox and takes her hp down it took awhile but I took her down ofcource you need some luck and get some back to back blue tiles or a blue diamond

Impossivel matar a chapeuzinho vermelho!
Fiquei mais de 36 minutos batendo nela !

Impossivel eu fiquei 36 minutos batendo nela!

Impossivel ela chegou a ter 5 raposas imposdivel.matar!

Yes its not impossible mate to kill the fox. But i lost 3x firrst. N find a perfect combination finally. I use melendor wukong perseus meril n g.jackal.