Red Hood — experience to date?

I think it’s just the first, I.e. direct mana reduction from Guinevere and Li Xiu, or similar that we might see in the future. Defense against Guinevere is a non-trivial use case, given that half the war defenses I see these days have Guin front and center.

Funny discussion. Did I miss it or does nobody got Red Hood in this thread?? Me neither and I also did not face her in raids or AW. So I guess she is not as helpful as defense as expected?

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Just the guestion i was about to ask. I know Red Hood fox minions make Chao and Li Xiu skills useles. But also i was wondering if foxes can resist Gretel and Hansel too.

Does anyone know? I find Red Hood to be my absolute best hero. I find her more worthy for last ascension over Azlar, Marjana, Elena and Gravemaker. Red Hood is my tank… she’s the best. Period :slight_smile:


No, the foxes do not stop Hansel, Gretel, Merlin, Hel, Alasie, Natalya or other similar specials. The foxes only prevent the actual removal of mana by a special, which currently means Guinevere, Leonides, Chao, Li Xiu and Carver. Guinevere is the big one.

(Added Leo to the list; thanks, Dante)


Don’t forget Leo. he’s decent now.


Red was my first maxed 5-star.

  • She prevents mana loss, but not applied effects that deal with mana (Little John / Hansel / Merlin…)
  • Her Fox minions have 14% of Red’s HP… so the stronger Red is the bulkier the foxes (214ish health per minion when maxed, troops can affect this by increasing red’s HP).
  • The minions also heal for 7% of Red’s Health every turn… so again the higher Red is the more they heal (100-ish per minion per turn, troops on Red can also affect this by increasing Red’s HP, and troops on the ally can affect this by increasing their healing received).
  • Red is an unbelievable powerhouse in map levels and quests… her minions make is possible to boost each ally’s health by over 600 and heal over 300 per turn when stacked.
  • In raids/war attack she is the perfect counter for a Guenevere tank.
  • In raids/war attack she is not about striking hard and fast to take out the enemy before their specials go off… she is about surviving the enemy specials so your own other hero specials can wreak havoc.
  • On defense, her minions instantly mean you have 200 more damage you need to do to each defender, and if you don’t take those minions out the damage you already did will be erased.
  • She is not a “must take out first” defensive hero, but she’s up there.

'Nuff said :slight_smile:

Would your prioritize Gravemaker or Marjana? I have both, and I’m not sure which to ascend first. My other reds are Gormek, Guardian Falcon, Scarlett, and Lancelot.

Gravemaker if you can take him to final tier.

While Marjana is a great Sniper, Gravemaker is one of the “Have to kill first” heros… one of the biggest threats.

I’ll take on teams with Marjana all day. Gravemaker is one I might avoid.


I disagree. Grave is lame, easy to kill even when maxed. I don’t rush against him. He’s not that big of a threat that i should prioritize him over the others. Many say he is dangerous but i have opposite experiences.

And about red hood… Her not being “must take out first” hero is where you got it all wrong friend. She definetly is “must take out first” hero coz if she gets her foxes running, it’s all over. Especialy if you poor fella got into a position where she fires her second set of foxes, then you just might want to hit that “escape” -button upper right screen coz there’s no hope anymore. All is lost :slight_smile:


How many blues do you take when you see him in raids?

Zero actually. And yes i’m honest. My raid team ALWAYS is:

  1. Red Hood, Azlar, Wu Kong, Vivica and Merlin
  2. Red Hood, Azlar, Boldtusk, Wu Kong and Merlin

Those are my raid teams usually. There might be some ocasions when i try to attack blue tank with Yunan and Horghall but usually i don’t.

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Gonna need to see video clips of you winning with those teams against GM at tank or flank before I believe it.


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If you have a red 4* mana troop that you can get to level 11, then I’d got with Gravemaker. With that troop, GM charges (on offense) with two match-3s or just one match-3 ghosted. He hands out a ton of damage, quickly. Without that troop, though, he takes 7 tiles to charge, hardly different than Marjana’s 8, but is less likely to kill a target than Marjana. GM also brings the elemental link bonus, which is particularly good in a red stack. Marjana is very good–the best of the TC20 red 5*, in my book–but there are many excellent snipers in the game.

While I respect @Nordjevel perspective, I agree with @Ozz more that I pay more attention to a GM in a lineup than a Marjana.


I have GM and Marjana. I like special heroes even when they are not that special for anything. They deserve to be ascended before the normal heroes. Soon i will start to level up my Gravemaker and find out what this fuzz is all about :slight_smile: I will give him a chance.

I have tons of red heroes but unfortunately those hidden blades remain very well hidden and mystic rings are nowhere to be found. Red Hood and Azlar stuck at level 70.

That’s what I wanted to hear. Working on Red now :slight_smile:

Love me some fully ascended Gravemaker :heart:

Tbh I don’t see the mana thing useful against guin at all, you have to be REALLY lucky to charge her up before guin goes off

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As you can see, i have Red Hood in my defence lineup. She’s good… not awesome but quite usable in many ways. She’s kinda my “basic all-around” hero for every purpose.

Just minutes ago i played s2 20-7. The one with magical mist that gives mana boost. Had my defence lineup in use and with all three fox minions healing each hero (Red is way too OP in these magical mist fights). End boss showed up, the Chochin fella, fired once his special against domitia, Dom used her dodge skill, she and and all her three foxes didn’t loose any HP. I didn’t know that minions can also dodge. That’s cool.

And by the way, Onatel steals 100% mana all the time in these kind of stages. Chochin fired only once coz i let him on purpose. :slight_smile:

One thing that i don’t like in Red Hood. Her skill damage is terrible. It should be more…


I have her at 3/70 and I think she is a top hero. The problem is that fire isn’t lacking options and Red can get stuck missing out on mats. In my case I have Ares and Mitsuko maxed as well as a bunch of 4*s that also don’t pack much of a punch. I need some good damage so Marj will likely get my next tome.

Even after Marj , I have to consider Zim or even Elena/Azlar for a their titan damage.

Honestly if they would fix her minion animation so it wouldn’t take so long, I would use her more often. She is straight out for titans because of this issue and often out of challenge events due to it.

She is a top hero for raids and war.

They need to fix the minion speed imo. None of the others are as slow as hers.