Red Hood/Delilah

just curious. anyone whos lucky enough to have a red hood and delilah, even a thoth as well! have you tried stacking them in a team? do the minions cancel eachother out or can you have an army of all these heros minions at once?

You can combine the different minions with a max of 3 minions total. When having 3 minions the oldest one will be replaced.

Meaning, Thoth can have one of his own minions, one from Delilah and one from Red Hood for example.

Thanks Vind! That kinda stinks but makes sense. I was picturing haveing 3 of each on the heros haha would be crazy

That would be pretty awesome I agree :wink:

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I fought a defense team with Delilah on tank and Red Hood in the right corner last night. The Red Hood was still quite underleveled, so I was still able to get the win using my normal tactics, but I can imagine how fierce this combo will eventually become.

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