Red Hood and Titans

This is an issue and not a real bug.
When you use Red Hood with Titans her minions takes time to work every turn and so you have a lot less time for attacks. Is it something you did on purpose or is it a side effect you didn’t thought about?
Is it possible to “unlock” attacks (or stop time) when minions activate, so not to have this time malus?

Yeah, well buddy, not every hero is a hero you bring into a titan fight. If it would it would be booooring.
Btw, Delilah…

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I have a problem. When you defeat 5 titans you get an colored chess. All of my team did get one but i didnt. It happend to me 1 hour ago. Now my bar is at 0/5. But even after restarting my phone i still didnt get a colored chess.

There is no such thing as a colored chest. It is a normal chest you get each 5 titans you kill. It is called titan chest. It has not any connection to your team. Everybody gets one after they kill 5 titans. Since you have not started your time in the alliance with the same number of previous kills, you can’t have this chest at the same time.

Already adressed here

Perhaps you are referring to the elemental chest? - these pop up randomly and do not appear every time you fill a titan chest.

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