Red heroes?

The reds in question are Azlar 2^60, Natalya 2^60, Scarlet 3^60 and Colen 3^40.

I have mats for one ascension.

My thought was Nat and Scarlet perform well at this level, but Azlar could put the power boost to good (better?) use. Then I checked Colen’s numbers, and he has better power than Azlar as he progresses.

Is Colen my best bet here?

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Ascend nat and Azlar only if you have enough rings

Nats damage goes up not by special skill level but by her actual level and so does Azlar’s burn damage

Colen isn’t bad but is slow and bad defence

Scarlet has bad defence but is fast

I’d do scarlet


My preference would be scarlett - while a glass canon, she does wicked tile damage so even if she’s dead, she’s valuable.

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I would go first for Scarlett (cause she’s a real hitter) next depends on your use Nat is great in raids :laughing:

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Scarlet is a good hard hitter with tile and her defense debuff is good…almost as hard as Grimm. But, Colen’s DOT continues to grow as he progresses. Figuring his tile strength is close to Scarlet’s, that makes them about even.

The real point for me is whetherColen’s lack of speed os enough of a detriment to hold him back.

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as denys said colen is not bad and might be a good use in a defteam but in a offteam you would prefer a fast hitter . I got colen never use him. you said you got Azlar so i would wait for him as he is a much better colen ( and even good for Titan).
of course at the end its up to you…

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The attack down is super helpful on titans, in particular plus the fast mana speed is good for AW

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Scarlett here too :slightly_smiling_face:

I prefer Colen. For me, his DoT is superior to any other fire hero…the amt of damage he inflicts (especially in raids) hits all heros or enemies and somewhat makes up for his S-L-O-W mana.

azlar is better dog


To avoid confusion, Grimm inflicts a defense debuff, while Scarlett inflicts an attack debuff.

In case you haven’t decided yet, have you seen this?

I think it matters what you’re using your hero for. I like Scarlett, but I only find myself using her as a double on Green Titans.

Good luck! Post your decision here, yeah?