Red Hero Ascension Questions - Raiding: Natalya, Azlar, or Elena?

I have the mats to ascend one to 80. I know red heroes have been discussed ad nauseum, but I do need help. I’ve looked over Anchor’s guide and they all tap out at B level overall. No clear standout.

As far as my current reds, I already have fully leveled Ares and Marjana.

I am most interested in raiding, although versatility is welcome, especially events. My current defense team has Ares in middle slot and Marjana next to him. Athena, Mushashi, and Alberich round out the defense team. My attack team is typically Marjana, Alberich, Mushashi, Athena and Rigard for some cleansing and healing. I also have Sartana at 80.

As I understand it, Azlar and Elena are primarily good for Raid Defense, while Natalya is better suited to raid offense. In my experience both Azlar and Elena can be irksome. I’ve never come up against a Natalya.

Would any of these be an upgrade on defense over Ares/Marjana?
Would Natalya be an upgrade over either of those for Raid attack?

I’m really interested in folks who have used these heroes and their experiences.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

None of those 3 will be better than Ares and Marjana on defense. (I’d also put Marjana in a corner to separate her from Ares to reduce the power of color stacking) Both Azlar and Elena are usually best on defense, but have great tile damage for titans and events, but since you already have Marjana maxed I’d say Elena is slightly better than Azlar since their burns don’t stack. Natalya is useful for raiding because of her mana control, but doesn’t beat Elena’s raw power imo.

Therefore for your situation I’d rank them: Elena > Natalya > Azlar

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Azlar >> Elena

Elena has bad defence and her special has counter attack which is used to tank, azlar will do very well on offence and will be good for titans aswell

Thanks for your thoughts and the tip about separating Marjana and Ares. Didn’t think about how that would make them vulnerable to color stacking.

Id lose Rigard for Nat, but thats just me. At least take her to 70 and play with her a little bit. One of the great things about her is she will do decent damage against all colors and great against green. Also good luck on the hero that wants to fire a special off on her after she drops a dot on them. To many folks dismiss her cause she don’t have those flashy numbers, but she will control who will and will not fire off a special for quit some time.

Having already Ares and Marjana this is really a small issue for you.
You already has a good fast so you probably don’t need Nat but an high tiles damage for a change.

I say Elena just to increase your titans outcome.
You don’t need other reds for raids.

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