Red hero ascension question

I just got my 4th hidden blade. Need about 15 more. Waiting for gloves as well.

But out of these which would you go for first just based off of these.

BT 3-60
Nat 2-60
G Falcon 3-60
Sir Lancelot 3-60 (soon)

I am thinking one of the first 2 initially. Also, was thinking Nat will be stuck after so maybe maxing BT is the best when I get some gloves.

Thank you for your input.

Nat - beautiful, but quite easy to kill
BT - ugly as hell, but hard to kill + healing + add damage

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Thanks, that was my thinking as well. Nat was my 1st 5* so I hold her close. haha

You can use BT everywhere as your center - that’s who I would use. The rest don’t have the diversity. Second I would go Falcon.


BT is my center and has been since I maxed him months ago. I have 2 other supreme centers—Justice, and Boril (latter maxed and former nearly so)—but BT beats them both. I’ve expounded at length on the annoyance of Perfect Riposte, and Justice’s offense is just too weak. BT’s attack buff plus (admittedly relatively weak) heal is a definite game changer. I can’t tell you how many battles I won because of him turning the tide at the last minute. I use him in virtually every scenario I’m faced with and he’s been excellent. I put him with Grimm as arguably the best heroes I have right now.

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out of your choice i would go for BT first and then as sleeper mentioned go for Falcon.

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I’ve notice BT is a stud. I am using him often and 60 with Joon Grimm Caed and Rigard/Tibs.

I can lengthen my raids so I can take my time a look over the board more. Just to get some practice. But have enough heavy hitters to take out annoying heros quick too.

Poor Nat will get left behind…

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