Red hero ascension advice

I’m looking for feedback on my long term red hero strategy after my November Atlantis pulls. I’m C2P, had bought discount gems, and had saved gems for 2.5 months to do a 30x pull. Was disappointed that Tarlak dropped off the regular rotation and I didn’t get Zeline. Anyway, that’s not the issue.

I already have Gravemaker 4/80, Gormek 4/70, most of the other 4* @ 3/60, Khagan 2/1, and had just recently finally gotten BT from my TC 20. BT is currently @ 3/30. Today, I got Ares, Wilbur, and Zimkitty. I currently have 3 rings, 10 blades, and plenty of compasses, etc.

So, I’m looking to strategize between finishing BT or working on one of the others. If so, then which one. I realize that there will be some duplication of specials, especially attack buffs.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

Wow, you hit the red jackpot. Congrats.

Given that you already have Gormek, I’d continue on BT. BT is a high-quality hero that happens to be 4 :star:. After he’s done, take stock of your ascension mats. If you don’t have 5+ ring, a Tome of Tactics and a Damascus blade, then work on Wilbur. Wilbur will mostly make Gormek obsolete, but that’s a nice problem to have. Truly spectacular hero against titans, in particular.

If after finishing BT you do have (nearly) all the 4* mats for a 5*, then I’d start a 5*. If you need a tank, Ares is a very sound choice. Otherwise I’d go with Zimkitha.

I would not spend one more feeder on Khagan, probably ever.


I’ve been tanking with Gravy since he’s been maxed. Currently flanked by Kash and Magni, both also maxed. Of course, Gravy can play any position.

I’ve got Richard sitting at 3/70. He could tank with a Gravy/Ares pair of flanks.

Right, of course you’re using GM as tank. He’s great there. Zimkitha augments GM very well.

@Kerridoc If you may also help me:
4:star: max Wilbur, Boldtusk, Falcon 3/60 Colen/Lancelot/ Gormek 1/1 Wilbur, Boldtusk, lancelot, Sumitomo
5:star: Max Zimkitha, kestrel 3/70 ZImkitha 1/1, Elena 1/1
I have 6 rings and no mitsuko for me :cry:. Which red hero shoud I go for next?

I’d focus Wilbur and BT. Ordinarily I’d recommend Wilbur first, but since you have Gormek maxed and may be using him for the foreseeable future until you have better options leveled and he is anti-synergistic with Wilbur for the time being BT may be the better option. As the meta currently stands GM is a solid tank and doesn’t need urgent replacing, so we can probably disregard defense as a reason to pick Ares over Zim. Ares is definitely going to be your choice for titans, by a wide margin. For raids, given your lineup it’s a really close call that may come down to how much you need cleanse. Zim provides a much weaker heal and buff than Ares does, but also adds damage and is fast. Her small buff would overwrite the BT you’ll have just leveled in a bad way, while Ares provides enough heal/buff that you would probably forego BT altogether. Zim’s cleanse is most commonly needed for Zeline or GM, but Ares overwrites Zelines status effect so is sort of a cleanse in her case. Depending on how relevant summon heroes become (particularly with the Christmas heroes all summoning and Del being due any day now for Atlantis) that may be another factor in Zims favor.

If you were closer to having the rings today I’d tell you level Wilbur then Ares when you got the rings and forego the BT (because you’ll pretty much drop him for Ares, and Ares stacks ridiculously well with Wilbur) and ditch the Gormek asap. Since you’re not, and may be stuck running Gormek for a while, go BT and play it by ear once you get closer to the rings though I’d lean towards Ares.


@Kor1sco I would start by finishing Falcon, a tanky hero who really helps against titans or in a red stack for wars/raids.

That will buy you some time before the Christmas event starts on Dec. 1. The red 5*, Santa Claus, is potentially interesting. If you don’t draw him (and the odds are presumably just as bad as they were for Victor but split between Santa and Mother Winter), then you’ve got a tough call. My thoughts:

  • A second ZIm seems like one too many. You’ll never be running them together, so leveling a second would be solely for Wars.
  • Kestrel is an interesting option. He’s better on offense, where you can time and aim his special for best results. There’s a cool scarcity value to Kestrel, and you’ve already invested a fair bit.
  • Elena is scary on defense, with a nasty attack and a Zeline-killing Riposte, but she’s very squishy. Her tile value against titans in unsurpassed in red.

So on net, I lean toward Kestrel, but Elena is a sound choice, too.


Thanks for all the well thought out advice. You too @Kerridoc

I took BT to 3/60 and going to leave him there while I max Wilbur. BT @3/60 with a maxed special still has decent defense for a 4*, so I can get a better idea of how well the synergies work. Still debating on who gets the rings, Ares or ZK, but that gives me a little longer to decide. I picked up ring #4 yesterday and Mt Umber is coming soon. With a little more ring luck, I will be ascending one soon enough. If not, then I will probably take both to 3/70 and evaluate how all the synergies mesh in action before elevating one.

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Update: I went with Ares. Use him lots, but maybe not quite as frequently as I thought I would. I use him in multiple red situations, and I use red a lot. I am giving him my paladin emblems so far. Zimmy is useful even at 3/70 and I’m looking forward to getting her 6th ring.