Red Decisions mostly for V.Fast wars

Hello all,

I have a couple choices coming up for my red team. Like to base these around wars as they are my weakness but also for general,play titans etc. Also any suggestions on Titan team see below.

Red Titan team

My current levelled reds are
Gravy ,Mits, Nat, Grazul, JF, Tyr, C.Elena,Mary Jane

Who gets the fighter emblems?
C.Elena- Use vs Titans and fits into v.f war defence as flank.
Tyr Is he a good wing for war defence…most of my reds are better flanks.

Who gets ascended next?

Baldur, Azlar(no costume), Ares. Of the 3 Baldur has no opportunity for emblems, Azlar could get some, Ares could get a lot.


Emblems - cElena

Rings - Baldur a bigger pest compared to Wolverine

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