Red/blue/green vs purple/yellow. Which colours to get rid off in a fight?

Can someone tell me where to find info about this?

I know that if i’m against a red enemy, i should use blue and forget about green. But where do Purple and yellow stand?

And if you’re competing a purple enemy you preferably use yellow. But Red/blue/green equal good? Someone who knows about this or knows where to find info about this?

Each color is strong against one, weak against one, and even against the others.

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There is a graphic with the info on top of screen when raiding

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As far as I know, red/ yellow/ green are equal vs purple or yellow

forest drinks water, water extinguishes fire, fire burns forest and yellow and purple are strong against each other and weak against themselves


If i understand it right, i should use yellow against yellow then? As yellow is weak against itselve?

nope, purple against yellow.

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Blue is strong against Red
Red is strong against Green
Green is strong against Blue
Purple is strong against yellow
Yellow is strong against purple



What about

yellow VS Blue or Red or Green
purple VS Blue or Red or Green

Normal dmg.
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  • Blue against Red = Double damage 2x
  • Blue against Blue (or yellow or purple) = Regular damage 1x
  • Blue against Green = half damage 1/2 x

I’m sure you can extrapolate the others. :wink:


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