Red best for D

If I used a defense with mother north,marjana,justice,Kage and Isarnia. Would I be better off with Marjana or mitsuko on the defensive team? I could also use Zim for red if that’s better for my defense.

I don’t have any of those heroes. But, I will give you my general guidelines. Put your biggest beefiest hero in the middle. The one with the most health/life. He/she is going to have to take a lot of hits. That depends on how leveled up they are. your slow mana’s to the middle and the fast ones in the corners. also weaker heroes can hide in the corner especially if you protect them with a healer or counterattack type. If I remember correctly mother north is a healer.

As I recall Mother North, Justice, and Isarnia are all slow mana. Having two of them on corners means it will be quite a while to build up to their specials, possibly longer than it takes to take them out.

I reckon Mitsuko or Zim for tank. I think Zim is underrated as a tank but Mitsuko fits the bill.

You won’t really go wrong with Marjana but she only targets one enemy

If it’s just defence team in general Marjana is fine as is Zim. I’m guessing you want Justice as tank but I think Mits could be a better tank (but I’ve not used either)

Marjana. Mitsuko, as much as I love her, isn’t that great on defense. An intelligent human just holds the blue special until they can dispel her special or it times out. Or simply doesn’t bring blue at all, which against a Justice tank is an easy call. Marjana provides some serious sniper power that your lineup otherwise lacks.


yeah, we use yellow tank. I would love a faster team, but I will build to that later. I was wondering about mitsuko only because of the family value with Kage, I didn’t know if in this defense alignment she is better than marjana or zim

in raids Ive been using sartana kage marjana mother and isarnia for fun. If I get 7 purple tiles to start the raid I usually win.

Marjana is a great sniper, with good stats and is an all-rounder in attack and defence

Zim is more of an all-rounder support unit, not a heavy damage dealer as such but is the best friend of snipers because of her fast cleanse - she lets the others do their jobs properly

Not sure which one fits your needs atm

The thing about just holding onto your blue specials is sometimes your heroes die before you can use them lol. The blue barrier is pretty good but I also just like the mana cut and hit. She’s quite beefy too. I’d prefer mitsuko tank over Justice tank easy peasy. Justice doesn’t really hurt anybody just blinds them and that’s at slow mana so most of the time Justice is dead before she can blind.


Yea, but what about the rest of us humans?

You will die on the prongs of my Mitsuko’s awesomeness!! Mwahaha…

Okay, my Mitsuko isn’t really very awesome right now. My current projects are going to be a serious upgrade to my team, though:


I like my Mitsuko, but it doesn’t matter what you put out front, you will always win some and lose some… It’s all about having fun.

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He wants a good D :face_with_monocle:

I would choose Zim for the utility of cleanse and buff on your defense but as flank and not tank.

Marjana is always a solid choice with her high HP at tank and powerful sniper hit.

Mitsuko will be great once you get a her emblems going. Please do note that she is great on the off hand she fires her special but also the mana slow from her new talent grid.

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