Red Ascension (Mitsuko vs RH vs Anzogh vs Azlar)

  • Red Hood
  • Mitsuko
  • Anzogh
  • Azlar
  • Wait (for Grazul? for Zimkitha?)

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I’m about to strip BT of his emblems to put them on Panther. Whoever I ascend will be my 2nd choice red for all attacking scenarios. Gravemaker was my first red. So who goes best with GM? None of them will likely make my defense.

Leaning towards Red Hood myself. Her minions can give your team a lot more effective health. She would replace BT’s heals except on titans.

Mitsuko I can see an argument for. She’s strong on offense. But she’s still quite useable in wars and even raids at 3.70, her special is still almost as powerful. Whereas Red Hood needs 4.80 so that her minions are sturdier and they heal for more.

I think Anzogh and Azlar are clearly behind the other two. Both are strong but Anzogh is best in a red stack and therefore doesn’t make as good of a 2 stack with GM. Azlar is slow, good on titans (but I have Scarlett with emblems) but his damage over time conflicts with GM’s.

I don’t think Grazul is significantly better than Red Hood but I could be wrong. Zimkitha should be in Atlantis in November but it seems a bit silly to wait 2-3 months for a character I probably won’t get.

Thoughts? Extra weight given if you own Red Hood or Mitsuko at max level. Here’s my 5*

I have Anzogh, Red Hood & Azlar at 3.70, not having Mitzuko… I have 10 rings now but I am finishing some red *4 projects before taking any of them to final tier…

I must say it depends on your focus…

For defense: Mitzuko, Anzogh, Azlar in that order…

For titans: Azlar

For offense: Red Hood, Anzogh and then Azlar…(just because I do not prioritize slow heroes but Azlar SS is devastating when he is able to go off)… Now since I have Boldtusk, Wilbur and Falcon I will give first rings to Anzogh, have been playing with them for a while and I am more than satisfied with results…but this is cuz the sinergy I have noticed between them… if not Red Hood healing minions and higher attack stats must be under consideration…

This is according to my personal experience since I have RH, Anzogh and Azlar… Do not have Mitzuko but her SS is really a PITA when stacking blue so she is most suitable for defense…

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I think Mitsuko is arguably better on offense than defense. On defense they aren’t incentivized to stack blue vs her unless she is the tank. She can be an annoying tank but she wouldn’t tank for me, Ursena has the sorc emblems. On offense she does multiple things. The blue heroes on the flank/wing attacking themselves with the reflect is powerful enough to be its own special (better than Merlin’s special in a way). However she also attacks 3 for decent dmg and mana cuts. Unfortunately if the tank is dead you can’t hit 3 targets anymore (a weakness of hit 3 in general). Add that all together and she’s quite powerful on offense. However the blue reflect and the mana cut (2/3 of her special) are just as powerful at 3.70 and she’s sturdy enough at that point to be useful in raids/wars.

It’s a tough call for me, Mitsuko vs Red Hood.

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I have both Mitsuko and Red Hood maxed. Neither are good on defense. On offense, I’ll just say this: i always use Mitsuko in a war. Red Hood? Sometimes, mostly not. Her hit isn’t impactful usually, and her minions are too fragile—I rarely get much healing out of them.


Am still gathering rings for Mitsuko. I love her even at 3.70. No idea why I voted RH.

I would wait and hope for Zim. At least you can give her emblems, don’t you? And this is not the case for Mitsuko or Azlar. And Zim is so great…

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If you ask me, Red Hood is overrated, while Mitsuko is underrated.

Red Hood might be a little better on defense, but Mitsuko is way better on offense. Great stats, very sturdy, etc. Her blue reflect might be a little niche, but the mana reduction is always going to be useful.

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I don’t have RH but here are my maxed reds.
GM, Zim, Mitsuko.

Just got Grazul and lvling her now.
If you had Zim already, then I would say wait for Grazul as she has best synergy with GM and Zim.

Since you don’t, my vote is for Mitsuko. She’s very good in wars. Can take vs any color.

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