Red ascend poll

Ascend one

  • Flip
  • Gefjon costume
  • Chomper
  • R&N
  • Tyr costume
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I saw chomper with double limit break and it was very powerful. 800 damage to three and 850 heal to all

I think this gonna be the most difficult poll ever :joy::joy::joy:

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I’ve maxed Chomper, c-Gefjon and R&N.

Here’s how I use them:

c-Gefjon works in a red stack with c-Marjana and El Duque to debuff + some healer in Raids. She was great in the Carnival of Gods, especially if you don’t already have Alucard. I ran both and was rewarded several times by having options.

Chomper I use for auto-farming, with Ludwig and lots of minions. I don’t like Average speed in Raid attacks, but he can fit into a red stack instead of c-Gefjon. However, for me he is more defence because of mana speed and class. So, he sometimes joins my war defence.

R&N - while I love the Rogue-class and stealing some mana, R&N is a sniper. Similar to Gefjon without the costume. It therefore comes down to playstyle and roster. I find R&N lingers on my bench for Raid attacks as I want hit-3 heroes in a red stack. Having said that, I sometimes use R&N for fun in raids. You feel great when you hit somebody hard just before they hit you, steal some of their mana and sometimes charge up your next hitter. Never knock fun, this is a game after all!

I use c-Gefjon more than the others, but maybe that is playstyle rather than who is the best red for you to ascend. Chomper has more modern stats and mana is king, so arguments can be made for all three. They were all worth upgrading, no regrets.

Good luck choosing!

Thank you for your answer. What is your opinion about flip? Red healers are not common with bypass and crit.
I forgot to mention that I have a very good bench of red heroes Khufu , Hypnos, d artagnan , Marjana 2nd c, ruby, Oceanus, gm, Zenobia, grazul , lewena, Kong c, tyr, azlar c. All of these fully ascended and most of them lb.

What red healers have you already upgraded?

If you already have lots of great reds, you ought to have a few red healers also. At least 1/5 if you play mono and a higher ratio if you want some flexibility.

My wife ”only” have Grazul and 2c-Boldtusk, she would love to have Flip. So if you don’t have Hathor or Phenexa, Flip could be a good option. I like the fact he does some damage, apart from healing and buffs. The ”artwork” for the Beach Party is not cool, but Flip at least looks OK. But this is reading the card and not experience from playing Flip. There must be others with more experience, perhaps post a question under the Flip topic? I will read the replies :slight_smile:

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My advice is Tyr should be a no brainier if you already have his base form maxed, since his costume is really good and you can ascend him quickly without any 4* mats required. I would vote cGefjon next since you don’t have Alucard, or Flip since you don’t have a good 5* red healer. R&N would be my last priority. Best of luck!