Red and Yellow hero debate

I am looking for some more advice on a couple different heros. Who would you ascend between Uraeus, and Aouda for yellow and for the red portion, I am torn between Russell, and Yang Mei. Thank you for your assistance, and advice.

It really depends on other heros on your roster. Emblems for any of them? I really like my Aouda but never got Uraeus who is really a stud for the undead horde war. Have both of those other red heros at 1:1

Do you have other heroes that would contribute to a synergy? What about your current roster?

What type of synergy are you asking about?

I have emblems for all 4 to make them effective in wars and tournaments.

As an example, do you have a fiend caster? They pair very well with Uraeus. I often pair my Elizabeth with him. Do you have any heroes, like Emilio, that benefit from Russell’s fire?

What does the rest of the squad look like?

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