Red and Green 5* strategy

In green I have Evelyn, Morgan lê Fey, Margaret and The Hatter. Who do I ascend to the top level first all are 3:70 now.
Evelyn offers brute force
Morgan DoT
Margaret dotch enemies
Hatter steal bufs and puts in a strong punch.

Same question for red. I have Khagan, GM and Anzoch at 3:70. Who do I ascend? From the forums it seems GM will be the obvious choice?
GM gives speed
Khagan is Average but gives defense and quicker mana generation.
Anzogh offer that extra bit of healing.

Whichever red and green I ascend they will join Magni, Onathel and Domnitia in my alpha team… So whomever I ascend must work well with those three when needed. All advice will be appreciated.

Red - GM

I will go for Morgan, she is beastly.
Eve can stay at 3^70 longer beacuse her buff is identical at 3^70 like on 4^80.
Hatter will be my second choice to max and Eve after him.


Agree with @Radar1 generally. I did Evelyn first out of her and MLF, and haven’t regretted it. On high level Blue titans she is more likely to survive if maxed out. If you’re on 10+ titans that is a consideration

I think Evelyn is the better all rounder. I also like hatter. You could even consider doing him first and having them as a one two punch? You can probably put an argument for any of the greens but I’d put Margaret fourth

GM is definitely first in red. The other two are fairly average, Gravy is the goods

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Green - Eve
Red - GM

And you can swap your Domitia with Rigard or Sabina for your alpha team, because you won’t need 2 dispellers and you definitely need a healer.

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Agree with @Radar1 on GM and MLF.

Eve at 3/70 is going to be very useful as long as her skill is maxed.

Key point on GM and MLF is regarding DoT, the higher their attack stats, the more damage they do so it’s a double win.


@Radar1, @Infinite, @l2ider thanks for the input and recommendations. I gave GM the rings and it seem MLF will get the potion… I am still playing with my options. One consideration in favor of MLF is that I have not yet used my Sorcerer Emblems and I would prefer putting my emblams on my 5* heroes.

You guys rock!

I have my potion to MLF and with hindsight think I it was not the best choice. MLF has benefits but I often replace her with her DoT being to slow. I think Evelyn with her debuf ability would have been the better option for me. But I made my choice and will wait for it.

The Hatter is also great. I don’t have the Maya to take him beyond 3:70 but puts him against stronger teams with great success. The Hatter is a game changer against Aigher, Wilbur and Ares tanks.

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