Red 5* Madness

I have no idea to be happy or to cry a river… I have just a few 5* of all other colors, except red… Seems every time I pull I get a red 5*… 3 pulls and here we go - two of them are 5* reds. I am truly frustrated. Pulling 5* with just few pulls should cause happiness, but I don’t know… And I have no idea how I am going to level them… Can you at least help me somehow to prioritise? I already levelled C Elizabeth, so I will exclude her… And C Marjana is at 3/70… The rest are at 0.

Update: since I posted this I haven’t got any other color heroes - just red. In just few pulls… Flip, Serandite and Lasalle… Will add those into the poll. It really is not even funny anymore… I have just 2 yellow 5* heroes in comparison…

  • Phenexa
  • Serandite
  • Ray
  • Flip
  • Lasalle
  • Emilio
  • Octros
  • Zenobia
  • Asterius
  • Isrod
  • Skargremar
  • C Marjana
  • C Elizabeth

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Phenexa and Ray, 10000%

Which is first is gonna depend on your other roster needs. If you lack support heroes, or wanna improve titans, then Phenexa

If you lack dispel and/or have another VF/F fire offensive to pair with Ray, then Ray

But honestly, you can’t go wrong with either. I’d personally opt for Phenexa first, as healers are always needed + that bard bonus is amazing :heart_eyes:. but the new Magic passive is quite insane - esp if you have another magic hero to pair with your Ray - so yeah, def no wrong answer

As for the rest of your options, the only ones I’d consider, but much later on …


Awesome for his stackable DD, he’s a great pair to just about any hit-3, especially in fire. Also makes him a great addition vs titans. A bit more versatile than the latter [here], he’d be who’d I’d max third


Her utility is 100% specific vs green titans / mythic titans. But there, she has absolutely no competition. Although, she doesn’t need mats to be able to perform for you, if she does get em, your scores will only improve more


Unfortunately doesn’t benefit from Ray’s EDD, but Ray’s DoT will precede Emilio’s SS very nicely, ensuring you always get the heal. Probably providing just enough to hold you over, to get Ray to his second charge, after. Although, with Phenexa, I can’t imagine these two will be your first choice for support. But for things like war and W3K, you’ll still need the depth

The Others…

As for Isrod, Octros and Skargremar, they may be worth it down the road, but comparatively, they seem to offer too little [in comparison]. Isrod could be great for the mana he can give - esp if you lack that skill elsewhere. Octros can still be serviceable defensively, and help survivability offensively. And Skargremar offers a bit of mana control and blind - two amazing supportive qualities - in one, so def potential there too.

But yeah, to me, the [first] choices are obvious, here. But as always: go with your gut. If it’s telling you something different than me, well then, to hell with my advice. It’s your game.


Wow Randa! So super helpful insights here! Thank you so very much!


Well I was going to explain the why to go with how I voted…but @RandaPanduh got that covered so precisely and thoroughly I’ll just say good luck then.


I so pleasantly surprised how helpful are the people on this forum!


If it’s any consolation, I seem to be suffering from the same problem except my colour is blues blues blues.

Phenexa should absolutely be the priority as by far and away one of the best healers not only in red, but as a whole at the moment. Then Ray for his versatility and power


Yep, I know this pain. I have this same issue in purple so I feel your pain. Have to wholeheartedly agree with @RandaPanduh. Great advice there

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:


I am kidding you not! One of Path of Giants weekly assignments is to summon epic hero. So as I got couple free pulls from W3K I just used them and result is … first Scarllet and second Flip… And Flip actually looks very similar to Phenexa - probably level him 3rd? Somebody put a red spell on me…

Thanks Blem! Too bad there is no “heroes market” I would gladly exchange some red ones into purple ones :slight_smile:

It doesn’t cost you anything serious to finish C-Marjana, and she will be very useful for your titan team against green titans.

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I agree that she is very useful for titans and I am using her as she is 3/70, but I don’t have that many rings and with choice of reds I have I need to be smart on whom I am spending them. I am kinda leaning doing Phenexa first, followed by Serandite and Ray…

I had understood that the base hero was already leveled. If not, that changes things.

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