Red 5* hero to level up first

What red 5* should I level up first…Ares or JF…I know JF isnt a tank…I have Elena already maxed

Ares is pretty versatile and strong on offence. He’s past his prime on defence but still viable for platinum and low diamond teams

Personally I would vote for JF.

In defence:
Neither option are great tanks… Ares is wayyyyy past his prime in terms of being a great tank… once maybe but not anymore…
In terms of the rest of the defensive positions, I think that JF is a great flanker & Ares can be OK there… neither are good in the wing i don’t think

Additionally, if you (are/were) lucky to get Vela & Tulleria (next month) you will have a lethal combo in the middle 3 defence heroes… JF -> Tulleria -> Vela… very very dangerous combo!

In offence
I personally love DoT and find damage wayyy more useful in offence raids than support heroes… So here my personal play style leans towards JF over Ares.

Ares wins this one no doubt… Ares gives both an attack buff & critical buff… JF only gives a small elemental link crit buff.

So 2/3 wins for JF over Ares makes him the winner in my book :slight_smile:

Added to this that JF has the innate resistance (pretty niche in that it only counters 4 heroes in the game, 2 of which are 5* heroes)… Also the elemental link… Ares is from Gen 1 HotM & doesn’t feature an elemental link. JF does

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