Red 5* ascension — meet the candidates

Sooo … realized I’m one ring from being able to ascend a red.

Looking for something integrates tightly with my does everything but Titans team

Alby - Grave - Poseidon - Kage - Ariel

All but Grave have emblems — 4/80 + 7

Also have Frida and Hel at 4/80 -

Have 5 tomes/ d. blades; enough mats to raise up another rainbow team in the next month or two if I wanted… or save for s3

Next -

Yellow - Inari
Purple - Panther
Blue - Athena … maybe?
Green - Gregorian or Tarlak (this wont get used much)

Ahh Red … if I get a good pull… it’s red … if I get mats, it’s not red…

Everything points to Mitsuko - have 500+ Sorcerer emblems too. But something about her makes me. Think she’ll sit on the bench


QoH (my fav/ totally biased … I really liked taunt)

Ares (like him a lot, don’t like the buff 3, have HoT and can prioritize Gregorian)

Red Hood - like her, but I’m already fielding too many archers who use the skill better

With Mitsuko you will have one devastating attack at war and tournaments. Besides, a very very easy last stage on advanced mode for Christmas.


Athena’s a very good choice, I would feel good about maxing her next. She casts the best defense down ailment in the game, it’s fairly easy to cap it with tile damage after one turn (even the “hero missing” tiles increase its multiplier). Stacks and goes well with Frida.

I have both Mitsuko and Red Hood. Personally I agree to hold off on Red Hood, considering you have Athena already for those Ranger emblems and is a much better choice overall.

I like Mitsuko myself. She’s the only hero who is good against two colors: green and blue. That can be invaluable when color stacking red. And even after the blue threat is taken out, she still works as a mana reduction hero against 3~2 targets (depending if the tank is taken out or not). Good stats overall, if anything her skill damage being low-ish is her only noticeable issue, but the rest of her strengths make it easy to overlook that.


Thank you :slight_smile:

What I like about Mitsuko —

  • Whoever I pick has to pretty much be Red or Purple without having to reshuffle my deck.

  • She is a ■■■■ good sorcerer - which is one of the better team abilities… and provides a mana cut; which I don’t have unless I sub in Proteus or Hel

  • the reflect is nice on offense; where I can pick the color — and I could stack her with Ursena down the line

-Red / Purple are my flex points - I can swap Kage or Grave for a second (once troops catch up) ; I lose too much to swap out the others — but can add in others (Like Jackal 4/70 + 20)

The drawback —

She’s niche… she adds a bit of power - which I need, but I don’t think she’s ever been a threat — and this red will be the perm. — as it is meant to solve my Barbarian problem.

I got hitters very late; so I’m trying to counter my defense first round with a more offense second — with some exceptions

(Ie I could pull Bruce Almighty; but he’s waiting behind the elemental debuffer)

Im a bit militant on streamlining and synergy — until I have one of each class; and what I choose works on Titans +

If it helps - I dis get lucky with Knight / Anzgoth / Gaz ; who will get some love — just not right now :slight_smile:

So think it comes down to QoH or Mitsuko :slight_smile:

Thanks all —

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Actually, Ursena and Mitsuko don’t stack their reflects together, they overwrite each other:

Just thought that should be mentioned.


Understood; but can time it just right so it’s annoying lol :slight_smile:

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