Red 4* tier 4 ascension

I have Gormek, Scarlett, and Sumitomo, Kelile all at 3/60. Just got enough mats to take one of them to tier 4. Which would you go with? Or should I just wait for a 5* or a better 4*? I am leaning towards Gormek but I already have Tiburtus at 4/70 so he might be redundant with the defesne reduction debuff.

My preference is for Scarlett. She has great tile damage and an attack debuff, which is nice against titans


Do it the way you wrote them down. Gormek then Scarlett then Sumi, Kelile last

I’d go with Gormek ofc …
His special soften the deff of 3 enemies in raids/AW and all titans deffs so you hit better.
Also Gormek has the best HP amoung all the 4☆ heroes. Can be a good tank.

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Another vote for Scarlett. Red 4* heroes have rather underwhelming attack value, almost all of them approx. 200 points less then Scarlett and that’s very bad for tile damage especially against titans. Her attack debuff is also useful on titans, although it can be reproduced with arrows or bombs, more or less :wink:


Dont save your ascension items for 5* heros as you will get more items by the time you get one and to max them out it will take even longer. So out of those 4* red heros I’d level gormek as he is pretty much a red grimm. I have both him and Grimm myself and they are both powerful and useful heros.

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I have 2 maxed Scarlett’s. One maxed Gormek. But i would always ascend Gormek first. He helps more at mid tier playing than Scarlett.

I would go with Gormek. Even though you already have Tibs, it’s best to own all 3 variants of ramming pulverizer. Let’s say you are fighting a dark titan or tank. Gormek would be much better here than Tibertus.

Gormek, Not even a question about it. He’s one of the heroes you will use a long time. The other ones aren’t bad either but gormek is the one you’ll use the most right away :slight_smile:

If you were willing to wait for a 5, would you wait for Bold Tusk?

If the reds you listed are all of them, you can pick any one. Your problem is your team will show an incremental gain. The hero you pick will show better stats, but it is tile damage, only.

Any argument that tile damage is first damage, and possibly best damage, is valid. However, if the red you pick is in your team now, there is no synergistic growth.

Yoi need a better red to make a jump.

Another vote for Scarlett. Gormek has puny attack stat, Scarlett has second highest base attack stat of a 4*.

Fast mana too. Her attack debuff is nice.

Gormek, scarlett, sumitomo, Kelile. In this order i would Level them.

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