Recycling heroes building

Good day ,
I did look around but didn’t see any topics like this, but if there is, mods kindly merge if appropriate.
I know a new alchemy building and other buildings are rolling out later this year but is there a recycling building? :office:

It works this way:
Chose a hero one doesn’t want that is leveled /ascended ( cough Azlar cough). Put them in the recycling building, it destroys the hero, but gives back the Ascension materials ONLY. :arrows_counterclockwise:

If he was only ascended 3* - gloves given , hidden blades given back
If he was on final ascension,- rings , etc given

Just because 5* ascension materials are far and in-between ( unless you buy em on IGP) and we’ve all made mistakes on ascension of heroes of choice … or at least I have.

That is all. :memo:

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