Recycle Items, Such as Raid Energy Flasks?

I don’t know about you all, but I have like 127 Raid Energy Flasks, that I will definitely NEVER use.

I think it would be cool if SG put in a system or building for recycling items. There are some items that I have thousands and thousands of, and will never use.

It would be cool if items could be recycled into like Iron or Food, which is a very valuable resource.

What do you all think? And apologies if there is already some thread for this.

We have AlchemyLab for recycling many things…

Maybe your mentioned item can be added to one of these & with time… we will find out…!!

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Your vials of raid energy are your most valuable resource, which you can “recycle” into such valuable food and iron. Use the bottles and you will be happy. After all, use your bottles to get to the top of the world at least once, even for five minutes. ))))


:rofl: What are you even talking about? I believe you misunderstood the version of “Recycling” I am speaking of or you are just being smart. Using vials of raid energy is not recycling. That is like saying, “you drove your car and burned up your fuel, you have now arrived at your destination”.
I want to completely skip the long and agonizing drive and in the end have a guaranteed win.

I for one think it is a great idea lol

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Are you a lazy driver? I’ve never been too lazy to use my canteens. I am one of those who are interested in going on a trip and seeing a lot of interesting things along the way, to gain experience. So yes, I don’t understand you and I don’t support you )))


That is fine, in a way you did support me, by giving me your thoughts on this amazing of an idea. For that I thank and appreciate you, spasiba!

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I remember suggesting a similar idea of months ago. I have over 60 raid flasks that I have no use for.

I’d like to sell them or something. One gem a piece would be nice.

Raids are boring, aggravating, clearly rigged in favor of the enemy, and biggest of them all, it only takes 6 hours to fully recharge your energy.


They have to be since the AI is stupid. And, really, the only rigging is the 20% bonus they get. The boards aren’t rigged. They aren’t getting slipped extra mana. There are no war-effects.

And since it takes 40 kills [8 flags] to fully fill a hero chest, the flasks are occasionally useful if you’re trying to fill two a day. I’m too lazy, so it’s usually in frustration and wanting to fill 1 in a day.

But there are other times… my f2p/alt account isn’t overly powerful; 2 years in, I sit around 2250-2300 trophies on any given day. Obviously that makes the final stage of the Raid Wins in the current Valor near-impossible since I can’t generally survive the lower Diamond raid defenses with predominantly S1 heroes. Except, on Saturday, between a lucky run on attack and a string of successful defenses, I found myself in Diamond. I decided to just grind out as many wins as I could while I remained above 2400. 4 hours and about 10 raid flasks later, I was at 58/60 (and fell back to platinum).


Please give them to me. I have zero. I love raids. I love trying the best defense out there. I love experimenting with my heroes, finding new and interesting synergies between them. I do mono and I sometimes replace one hero for another one at a time and see and learn whether they are a good team or not. For 3 years in the game, I only managed a measly 23,047 raid wins under my belt. I try to open raid chests at least 3x a day. They give me iron and food for me to hoard at my Hero Academy and Alchemy Lab (previously, food was stored in my TC20), as well as other goodies that drop every now and then. It also speeds up the appearance of elemental chests, which I chase since they give emblems and whatnot. Unfarmable ascension materials are just a cherry on top of that. Moreover, raiding gives me valuable experience on how to combat the best defenses in the mid and upper diamond arena. That is the main reason I have zero raid flasks.

I dunno if I have items eligible for recycling. I only have a few WE and titan flasks. I use them when necessary, i.e. farming during Atlantis Rising, Valhalla Forever, the monthly challenge events and against rare titans (or even regular titans that are close to escaping). I really dont have general items. But I have tons of other mats. I would love to trade off my 21k rugged clothes. I really dont find any particular use on them except TC19, which is very food and recruits extensive. I’d rather use my practice swords (currently queued at 5,282 at TC1 and I still have 1,391 unused swords) as they are pretty food and recruits efficient. Maybe I’ll burn the rugged clothes once I have depleted my swords. How about training manual. I have 29,882 of them in my inventory and I have yet to find a use for them. Common herbs? I have over 31k of them.


In your position, I appreciate the idea, as would some others who don’t enjoy raiding so much. But to be honest it’s never going to happen in my lifetime in this game.

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Damn… I wish I had one raid energy flask at this moment… I’d sure put it to use this instant… unfortunately I have none…


There is almost always a Raid Tourney going on, that is where I fill my raid chests.

Would give them away if I could :rofl:

I’d sell them to you for a gem apiece, but I can’t.

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I currently have 247 Raid energy flasks. I rarely do a raid, would anyone at Empires and Puzzles like to offer me something I would actually use.
I could use Titan Raid Energy Flask I love fighting them even when I have to go solo.
I use a lot of Loot Tickets especially when a region is on special.
I am starting to use Limit Breaks so Limit Break Aether’s would be nice.
Leveling up troops is a pain I’d be willing to all of that raid energy for some 2 and 3 star troops.
Just putting out there.

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Cup drop. Burn through those raid flasks against easy teams that have big ham and iron stores. If you have a lot of small troops, you’ll have the resources to use them.