Recuitment Channel Message Limit

Spamming in General is against the rules. So I report. If you block, the culprit will never be punished for disturbing the flow of conversation.

Still posting as a player:

Hmm, I think it’s easiest to relegate recruitment to AR, but that doesn’t entirely solve it.

(Rather than type and retype the same recruitment message over and over, many recruiters copy/paste. I understand this, because I recruit.)

I’m seeking understanding between all parties. I think it’s easy to report. But if the end result is a player being banned from all chat, rather than shifted to the right chat, I disagree with you. I think such bans should be reserved for intentional trolls/flamers as I said.

We can have a difference of opinion here. :wink:



What innuendoes?
My english is not perfect, but i’m just a direct person and i say what i’m thinking…
If you are a AR chatter, okay. If not, okay too.
I said what i said in case you are an AR chatter and as you can see in my posts i got a lot of arguments for this thread and that i’m not alone with that meaning.


At moment there are the same few people chatting in AR every day, alliance full or not.
It looks like a tactic to fill and hold their own and their friends alliances by spamming out all other colored, copied messages in a few seconds. (One of them told me something like "you have to be an a**hole if you want new members).
So every new recruit gets spammed by them with “join us” “join them” or “join them, they are good” at the expense of all who just got the time to post their advertise message 4-5 times a day and the expense of all who do not want to join their useless chats.

So there are like 3 or 4 alliances who share all new recruits at the same time, instead of 50 fair and different recruit messages with fair chances for all alliances.
For me it’s simply unsocial behavior and should be stopped and that’s why i started this thread (not to fill my alliance @King_Nothing)

You guys are talking from good recruitment some time ago, where you talked to new recruits in the chats and found great members. I’m sure that worked, but that time looks over because there are very much more alliances now that are looking for recruits and not everybody got the time or interest to spam the AR chat the half day.

Thats why i’m standing behind my suggestion for a chat message limit in the AR chat.

It’s not allowed to send AR messages to other chatrooms, so it shouldn’t be allowed to chat in the AR chat too.

It would give every alliance a fair chance to be seen and to find new members.
If anyone still wants to chat he can use one of the other 4 chatsrooms for that.

I found much members with a recruitment message only. But just at night, when my message was standing at least 3 or 4 minutes before it got spammed out by bored chatters. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I disagree with the blanket statement “no chatting in AR” because I’ve seen players come forward to join based on the personality they’ve seen in chatting.

However I agree it would be polite to “step outside” to another chat if one finds themselves chatting a great deal not about recruitment or their alliance…I also think it’s polite to not use AR as a party line. Now that there is the 20+ Room, many of these old friends have somewhere to go. :slight_smile:

I wish everyone the best of luck finding new recruits, and I hope we can all help each other do so.

Branwen meinte Deine Anspielung (innuendo), Sie würde den Chat zu spammen :wink:

P.S.: kann ich nicht bestätigen. Ich war mal mit ihr in der selben Alli…


There shouldn’t be innuendos in my post.
i didn’t mean “you” as person i my text. With “you” i talked to all people that are chatting in the AR room. Thought you are one of them…
Sorry if i got that wrong :kissing_heart:


but there are really much people now in the AR chat and chatting there is always at the expense of all others…
If everyone just chat a bit for recruiting, its still the same problem.

Why can’t people chat about recruiting in another chat, like the “no theme” chat?

I don`t mean advertise there, i mean if there is someone in AR writing that he is interested in your alliance, why can’t people just say (with their one message in few minutes): “come lets talk in the no theme chatroom if you have questions about us”?
Or why can’t people that are already talking in the “no theme” room respond to potential recruits that likes their conversation and ask for join their alliance? It’s illeagel isn’t it? Why?? :anguished:

I agree recruiting isn’t easy and having 100 alliances looking for new recruits and only a handful looking for one makes the chats move really fast and hard to keep up with.

I found An easy method that works really well when recruiting is by blocking all the other recruiters thus slowing down the chatroom messages and making it easier to chat with those looking for an Alliance.

Once your done recruiting you can unblock the others.

I would also like to add that starting an Alliance shouldn’t be allowed to players under say level 20 or 25 as way toooo many players under these levels especially under 10 levels starting alliances when these players should be looking for experienced alliance to learn from and it should cost at least 300 gems to start an alliance also.