Recuitment Channel Message Limit

Hello E&P-Team and game-fans,

i’m playing that game about one year now and there is not much to complain about.

But in the last months its getting harder and harder for me and my vice-leaders to find new members for our alliance.

It’s not only the problem that there are to much alliances or that there are not enough players who search for a new alliance, the biggest problem are the “chatters” in the recruitment channel.

A few months ago there were like 3 or 4 people talking nonsense the same time and it was still possible to post an advertise message here and there. At moment there are like 20-30 people that are talking about cookies, ■■■, alcohol, soccer, or sending messages with “hi baby” “kiss” “how are you?” and something like that.

There are people with already full alliances, or people that don’t even search an alliance, that are spamming the chatroom with 10 or more messages every minute that have nothing to with alliance recruitement and the real advertise messages are jumping out of the screen in 1 or 2 seconds. So nobody can even read it.
Sometimes they are talking so much that you can see only 1 or 2 advertise messages in the last 50 messages when you scroll up, while already very much people are sending their advertise message every 2 or 3 minutes.

We tried to talk and explain them that there are 4 other public chat channels for smalltalk, but they say things like: “we can talk wherever we want” or “its boring to read only advertise messages here”.

For me it’s really bad, i don’t got much time to play at moment and i try to send an ad message here and there when i got a few minutes and it only takes a minute until its spammed out of the 50 readable chat messages.
I know from my vice-leaders and from other alliance leaders that they got the same problem, but nobody want to talk to them again and again in this chat, because we would just help to spam more.

It would be great if you find a solution for that problem, maybe a chat message limit for this channel (one message all 2-3 minutes for each player), maybe a staff member who take an eye on it, or just a chance to report such players for spamming this chatroom.
There could be 50 different recruitment messages with alliance requirements for searching players when they join this channel, so there is no need to talk much times to them.

Thank you for reading!


You can do what I’m doing in the chat rooms in Portuguese. Click the profile, report and decide the category. I generally report spam, because General and the new Experienced have sometimes more recruitment messages than talk, the peer support is almost fully recruitment and the recruitment room is generally left to the crickets. So I’m reporting everyone I see spamming the same message about recruitment more than once every five minutes, and I’m definitely reporting all those who don’t talk, just drop by the rooms to spam their recruitment.

The side effect is that, by default, people you report are banned, so if more people do that, eventually everyone will have a clean room to talk and do whatever the room is there for.

I thought alliances came to this forum to do their recruiting in the recruitment thread. I never go to the global chat. We have found excellent new members through the thread set up here.


Select chat room experienced with the Brazilian flag. You’ll understand what I’m talking about even without understanding Portuguese.


The problem is, you can currently only report people for spam the same message.

I agree, spammers who send their advertise messages or just the same message again and again in the normal talk and experienced chatrooms should get reported and banned if they don’t stop it.

But there should be a good way to report people for talking in the recruitment channel too.
Or better a prevention, like a good message blocker.
I know that from other games in trade channels and something, and it’s working great…

Currently there are like 20-30 people talking **** and 50 or more people are just advertising with their advertise messages from time to time.
The 20-30 chatters say “people should see how friendly our players are, thats why we talking here.”.

But in my (and much other) eyes its wrong! Very wrong!

There are already 50 messages in 2 or 3 minutes, 30-40 of them because that guys are talking like in a normal chatroom.
So what would happen if every alliance leader, vice leader or member who is searching for members will start chat in that channel? It would have 200+ messages every minute…

Potential members would not read “Join us, you need 1000 trophys, attack the titan every day and you have to be xy years old to join our alliance”, they would just read normal chat messages like “nice to see you” or “i eat pizza” and if they say “hi, im looking for an alliance”, 100 people will spam him in the same 10 seconds with “join us” “come here” “we are the best alliance” and something like that.

Thats not good for new players, not good for alliances and recruiters and not good for the game servers too.

If they add a message blocker (one message for each player all 2-3 minutes only) just to that channel, the problem would be solved.

Btw: If you report someone he don’t get banned i think. You need much reporters for that and you don’t find it in the recruitement channel, because recruiters don’t chat.
And the bigger problem, you don’t see their messages anymore, but potential members will still see all their spam messages and you don’t know how long they can see your advertise message before it’s spammed out.

Thank you for that tip, maybe i’m gonna try that. But at least the game and the other alliances that are not in that forum would still have the same problems i’m talking about. Thats why i write here, not for my alliance only :slight_smile:


I agree with Rowdy.
A limitation of messages ( maybe one in 5 minutes) should reduce the normal chat-messages to Zero.
Everyone who is searching for members or aliances could find his result much easier.


in diesem Topic beschwert sich jemand, dass SG ihn gesperrt hat, weil er die Chat-Regeln missachtete.

Also lohnt es sich doch die Spieler zu melden :wink:

In this topic someone got muted because of violation of chat rules

So it is worth to report the players in the chat.

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The Problem is that there is currently no rule that says:
“Don’t spam the recruitment chat with normal, not recruitment related chat messages”
or anything like that.

“Use appropriate chat rooms. Use Alliance Recruitment chat for recruitment ads. Respect the language of each chat room.”

So if you would go to report them for normal chatting in that room, there is currently also one rule against you:
“Don’t abuse the Report Tool. Multiple, clearly false reports can result in the suspension of your account.”

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Whereas I agree with @Rowdy that the chat is getting out of hand, it must be observed that just an ad will not attract people to your alliance. Everyone kills titans, are helpful and chatty in adds, so the recruit has to have some human contact. But the real problem is that there are no recruits. There are hundreds of dead alliances with a couple of active members. Old time players, higher levels, are either settled or leaving due to boredom over lack of content. Young alliances are filled in a couple of days just by leaving it open with no cups requisites. Everyone wants some experienced players, and they are not there. New players in general are left on their own, without guidance or a sense of comitment. Some are lucky and land in a training alliance.
The ads are spamming too, each time bigger, more colorful, trying to be witty. There are adds that roll a whole page up.
This forum is bad advertised, the game tutorials are weak. I do remember a time when there were smaller ads and true recruiters in AR. Actually, when I first sought an alliance, 8 months ago, I do not remember ads. I remember asking about an alliance and recruiters talking to me. Ads should be limited in lines, they manage to spam more than chatters.

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I do have to agree with Rowdy that most of the people who chat on the recruitment room speak about things that don’t belong there. The problem I have is that those people are allowed to chat about everything they want even thought it was intended to be for recruiting people, but when you are in one of the other chat rooms and someone asks which alliance he could join and you simly write a little bit with that person about joining you without any ads, that many people report you because of that. So why should it be allowed to chat in the recruitment room when you are not allowed to recruit in the other rooms.

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You are right in one thing, ads should be smaller than they are in the moment.

But with the problem of the normal chat spam each recruit messages was forced to be bigger or colourful in order to get a chance to be read.

When normal chat messages will be banned out of the recruitchat, the advertise messages could be like „alliance xyz is searching for members with zyx cups“ or „ searching for an alliance“!


Maybe im wrong, but you look like one of the chatters i’m talking about…

You really wanna say that ad messages spam the advertise chat?!

If you want to tell potential members something about your alliance, that you are a funny team, a quiet team, a lazy team, that they have to be xy years old to join you, that they needs 2000 trophys or 2000 teampower, that they have to use Line or that they have to attack the titan every day and you have to put all in one message, you need that much space to write your text!

But a few unsocial people think its much better for them to flood the chatroom instead of that, sometimes for recruit members with that text and requirements i wrote above, split up to 50 messages and later, if there is no new recruit and they are bored, with normal chat messages.

You can easy put everything you wanna tell them with “human contact” in just one simple chat message that you send every 5-10 minutes, but you prefer to flood the chatroom for everyone else’s expense.

What do you think would happen if everyone who is advertising members will start flood this room?
As you said, there are very, very much alliances looking for members and there are not much recruits for it…

And at least a simple add message in 10 minutes would be enough to find members for your alliance!
No higher player needs “human contact”, they have to know about the alliance name and the alliance requirements, nothing more. And the lower players, as you said, join an open alliance without any rules or requirements, but also got the chance to join a higher alliance if they meet the requirements.

You don’t have to chat about anything in that room.

So if there is a limit for every player like “send only one message all 5 minutes” and a rule like “no chat messages in that chatroom”, new recruits can read up to 50 different detailed Ad Messages with requirements instead of 90% spam.

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I talked about this topic with a few people and they had the idea that if there would be the possibility to invite someone into the alliance and send a little private message with the invitation things would maybe be a little calmer and easier to handle for the searching people.

It could be me but I think you may be missing the point. As @princess1 suggested there is a part of the forum for recruitment and from what I have seen works very well.

You are already here complaining about things in the chat room that probably won’t change so give it a shot. There is a wide variety of newbies and veteran players here and it is very active.

Leave the “bedroom” talk chatroom and come here. It is a lot more interactive and actually discusses the game.

Innuendo is the recourse of lack of argument. No, I am no AR chatter, I do not even lurk there anymore due to the ridiculous colorful half page ads that appear there. And I am very sorry you never saw what true recruiting was like

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It’s been a while since I was active in Alliance Recruitment Chat, but I whole heartedly agree with @Branwen on this one.

I used to spend hours in AR waiting on potential recruits to come in. Those hours were spent building a community of recruiters. Alliances are competing in there for sure, but also helping those that have different needs. The social chat built the understanding of each other’s needs and also the desire to cooperatively help fill them.

While we did post occasional ads, it was the personal connections and network of recruiters that landed me every recruit I got. Posting an ad and leaving NEVER got a recruit. Literally 0% effective for us.

If AR were limited to only ads and a few messages a day, that community would die immediately. Who would spend hours in that room hoping to grab a recruit when there was no way to pass the time with friends.

If you are looking for a bulletin board to post stuff, this forum is better.

All of this said, it’s certainly possible that this community I was part of has already disappeared and that that benefit is no longer important. Just sharing my experience and my 2 cents.

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Speaking as a player and sometime recruiter:

It saddens me that the recourse of someone who disagrees on the whole chat vs recruit argument is to report (rather than block) someone.

Reporting should be reserved for those players who knowingly and repeatedly troll, flame, break rules, and harass other players.

There is a very large gaming community here, all of whom have needs; the recruiters need to fill spots in alliances and colorfully and creatively seek to do so. The chatters want to have a fun conversation. Surely there is a happy medium?

There used to be one chat (Global), and we all shared it. Hopefully we can be more generous with each other in the new rooms.