Recruits II / Recruits 2 - Epic Troop Token 50% chance - Sept 25 / 26 - NO

Not epic trop.
Is not nice

You should always check the date in the thread title, because unless there is someone who confirms if there is a token or not, it won’t be updated. :slight_smile:

I am not a mod, but you’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue:




True, but a good King knows what’s best for his people. :rofl:

Thanks my friend!

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Lol yeah I took a good roasting for this mistake too

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Yes or no?
20 charac

its not rec2 so not even a chance for yes/no lol


Today is FRI, as far as I know the token appears in FRII, so I assume today is no.

It’s recruits 1 so no token for sure

Sorry. I was slept.
It is a of course Not


Over 3 weeks since the last Recruits II, and that one was a No Token.

Has SG cancelled this and just not bothered to inform us?

Let’s not draw conclusions without any anecdotal evidence. As you can see from the following chart, there have been occassions where the FR2 appeared after around 25 days apart in the past. The highest was 39 days in Oct 2018.


No conclusion drawn, just a simple question asked.

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It seems suspicious . Im not making assumptions but they stopping the reset token thing and after that announced the refund of emblemed heroes(some food and iron) via reset token.

Now with a cut or a disminished drop of ETT they prevent us from gathering future ETT from that quest to use in Ninja Tower… curious at least


Exactly what I was thinking just like before 2nd tol they gave the gem gift package where you gift gems to alliance member’s… wondering if there it was to get a Free pull or 2 then suck you into more pulls

Thanks for the graph and the answer.

I prefer the simple explanation unless it loses credibility — this is a statistical anomaly, the quest will show up, probably soon.

The other choice would be that SG took the effort to code (and presumably test) the change without announcing it … sounds like a lot of effort and the only “benefit” I can think of is pissing off their customers.

Would be even more odd given that the other quests being tracked (rare quests) seem unchanged.


50 days since a token :frowning:

Seems that P*****g off the customers worth the effort to SG, so I will suppose they’ve coded the change :rofl:

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It’s possible in RNG…I’ve said it previous I did the 30 coin flip experiment and had 11 heads in a row. We just don’t like that and if I was playing heads and tails with you it’s highly unlikely you’d guess heads 11 times in row.

You’d think it was a trick coin or something else. It’s just true random being true random.


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