Recruits II / Recruits 2 - Epic Troop Token 50% chance - Sept 25 / 26 - NO

I don’t care … I do all the quests I get.
Any way the ETT is another way to lose faith in RGN.

I’ve not got one this time and no one in my alliance either so far

It’s a case of everybody gets a token, or nobody does.


How about today’s? Lol at it respawning so fast.

Most of the levels of most of the (non-rare) quests are a waster of flags. For example, second and third tiers of Recruits II are strictly worse than just farming 1-8-7 with those flags.


Unfortunately not today either.


Well crrrrapppppp!!!

Thanks for checking @Paulon



For recruits per energy.

But people farm non 1.8-7 stages for many reasons.

My preferred stages are 1.7-4 for filling Wanted Monster mission chest ( Monsters, Rugged clothes and string ) and 1.7-7 for farming for Rugged clothes. I have 7525x Common Herb so 1.8-7 not that exciting.

I love Recruits I and Recruits II for recruits per auto play hour. Not as fast as loot tickets, but still a lot of recruits fast.

([Comparison] Speed recruit farming or Comparing Recruits per Autoplay hour for s1-8-7, s1-7-7, Recruits I & II quest ( Updated 2019-Jan-04 ))

Worst Energy Per Loot

I think my least favorite quest stage is last stage of Common Battle items ( skip ). If I Recall Correctly it is 12 World energy for some Arrow Attacks. But most of the last stages of most Common quests are pretty bad.

As far as I can tell, the Devs put a lot of though into ascension items and hero XP, then ran out of ideas for stages. Season 2 is much more interesting.

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Anyone tried the uncommon recruit quest?

27-Jan The answer is YES



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Again i got a 3* troop… Thinking of gathering more than 1 and do a multiple individual summon… :thinking:

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When I’ll finally find the green and red mana troops I’m wishing for I would likely be able to empower them around lv 15, expwise.

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The screen flashed red, and I got excited, then duplicate red 3*, oh well. more food for thought.


Me too. I need one blue 4* to complete my rainbow. Yet i can 5 stack a purple…

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I can confirm a troop token for this round of Recruits II.


Legend. So fast. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Troop token confirmed.

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