Recruits II / Recruits 2 - Epic Troop Token 50% chance - Oct 9/10 = NO

Usually the challenge can be finished with teams below the recommended tp. Healers and battle items come into play

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If you don’t recall the enemies for this challenge, take a rainbow defensive team for the first level. You’ll get the same enemies in the subsequent levels, just juiced up. Even low level items like heal mana turtle and axe can make a big difference. There’s no huge ramp up with the last level (unlike class quests). Before you know it, you’ll be taking a defensive rainbow team all the way through these kind of quests, and using no item except maybe a heal or turtle on the first wave if things go wonky. Keep at it!

Events like Wonderland are different and they mix things up. So look up the charts from @Mariamne. Rare events stick to one color enemy (except Farholme, but Farholme is the easiest of them).

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Consider that number a very rough measure, mostly useful for comparing one quest level to another … not an absolute standard.

If you know what color the monsters are/will be, you can stack extra heroes of the color strong against them which will increase average tile damage a lot and help your team hit above its weight class so to speak. (Starting out, you probably are focusing on a single rainbow team at first so that option may mot yet be viable)


I actually have a non levelled 4*, an almost complete 3* (emblemed), a cool little maxed 6 option 2* and a selection of assorted 4* and 3* heroes as works in progress. I could probably say that i have learned more about the game having realised there was a forum in the last few weeks compared to the precededing 3 months. I’ve got to season 1 level 19.1 but the last time I tried, I died. The upshot is I need no potions or juices to get there anymore. Given the chance, i try to tailor my attack team to deal with my opponent as effectively as possible, having worked out the order I want to kill them in order to preserve myself the best. I selected the wrong number of farms and training camps too (TC13, 11, 11) but at least I’m getting some food for my heroes (36 a day). I could wish the colour were in a more normal distribution. And lastly, the daily summons portal is giving me 2 x 50% 1 and 2* troops instead of decent heroes.

Believe me, I have been making good use of the labors of others. In some areas it is possible to see changes SG has made over the last year or so to make things a bit harder when it comes to farming, but I suspect that has something to do with items you will need.

Thanks for the well wishes.

Anyone run through yet today?

Following… again lol

No token this time around


No troop token today :cry:


Boooooo screw this gamee!!! Lol

This time around, no token confirmed.

Troop token check anyone?

Token is there!


Postitive, got mine as well :slight_smile:

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thank you, those who took the trouble to check for us!

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Yes today get Token, confirmed.

So, what’s going on with recruits II? It’s been 22 days since the last one… This was one of the few quests worth wasting WE on…

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They show up random. Can be a dry spell of Recruits II showing up sometimes.

I’ve seen the “Find Recruits” mission at least 4 times already. Where’s number II, SG??

Ok, we got the “random” with 22 days apart… Could we next get the “random” where it comes three times in a row, two days apart from each other, with troop coin every time, please? :laughing:


I’d be up for that! :smiley:


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