Recruits II / Recruits 2 - Epic Troop Token 50% chance - Oct 9/10 = NO

Thanks for your sacrifice :innocent:


Anyone checked today?

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Yes, there is a token


Thanks tomb, will share with my alliance.

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Thx tomb. Couldn’t be more happier right now. Got the 4* blue troops i was waiting for with the token. Now i only need the green ones to complete my first set.


I also got an epic troop token in the Find Recruit II just now.

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Anyone know about today’s?

I just tried it and forgot I had used my flags. Can check in 30 mins if no one else does!

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Confirmed YES from my alliance


yep, just finished it and there is an epic troop token


2-May-19, Yes - confirmed, there is a token today.


Thanks all for the information!

This was news to me. I had only ever completed the first of these quests each time it rolled around in an attempt to be efficient with my WE. Thanks for sharing this. I can confirm that it worked for me as well today. I’ll be sharing this with my alliance!


If it works for one of us, then it’s global :blush:


Keep in mind, that it is not all the time… There are chances where Recruits 2 Quest won’t yield any Troop Tokens. But since Quests are global, if one player gets it, everyone who finishes that quest instance gets it.

The forum has been a beacon of truth with good intent on the reporting, and thus far I have not witnessed any one who reported it with malice intentions of tricking any one (e.g. if the first person jumps in to say they got it on the one for certain date, I and along with a number of forum users will tend to believe him/her.

It’s a good info to share with your Alliance.


I can confirm also. No tricks by anyone.

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Thanks for the heads up, that makes a lot of sense. I guess I’ll be sure to check the forums each time the quest rolls around then to see what’s being reported then. That is useful info

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5/2/19, token confirmed

(LOL, j/k of course. It always cracks me up when we have this same conversation every 2 - 4 weeks. Three people confirm the same token, then three more come and state that it’s universal, so we really don’t need multiple confirmations, even though it’s stated as such in the subject line of the topic. I should probably turn off the e-mail alerts I get for this, huh?)


I added a note to the top post in hopes of streamlining that conversation process each time. :slight_smile:


I checked out those recruit challenges, but I can only field a team with, face value, 2520 points total. When they say I’ll need 2700 or 3500 pts, I can’t help but thinking that is kind of pie in the sky for most of us.

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