Recruits II / Recruits 2 - Epic Troop Token 50% chance - Oct 14/15 - YES!

4 April - there is an epic troop token today.


Another epic troop token

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April 4th Recruits II quest had a troop token for one of my alliance members.

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Yep, an Epic Troop Token for completing Recruits II :slight_smile:

Any quest with Epic heroe token?

This Epic Troop Token was a hidden reward, not listed as a reward (as the number of recruits always is)

Epic Hero Tokens are hard to get in quests. If they appear, they’re usually a reward in Challenges or Events and are always listed on the stage bar thingy (along with required energy/recommended team power etc.). I have never seen a “hidden” epic hero token as a reward for completing quests.

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Ignore that reply above. I misread the last comment.

7 April - no epic troop token today. Woe is me! :sob: :wink:


No epic token today…

Me too… no token for this today’s quest :frowning:

Anybody know if there was an epic troop token in today’s (April 17th) Find Recruits II quest?

No Token (Source: global Chat)


There is a token today

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indeed, it`s there this time :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update, folks … and the person who edited the title is awesome!


is token present today?

Nope :frowning:
Not for me……

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Word is no on May 10th


How about today? Anyone take one for the team yet?

No token today, may 13


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