Recruits II / Recruits 2 - Epic Troop Token 50% chance - Nov 25 / 26 - NO

I could be wrong, but my perception is that the dry spell was casted long before the ninja tower. I know some folks had write down the exact date, but i am too lazy to search it right now.

And especially with the reset emblems. I was lucky enough to start the game when they were given just about every time. The newer players are really behind the 8-ball with it now being rarer than anything.


That is posible. Anyways Ninja Tower was planned long before , so it can be related. Or not, but such bad chance we have here. Hoping this “dry spell” goes quickly :frowning_face:

100% agree with you in the presence of correlation between those hints. ninja troops/FRII and ResetToken/trials, but time will tell. if they say the monkey hitting the RNG button is good and well fed, that should be the scenario.


At least raid flasks returned and have now appeared 3 times in a row


Yeah that was annoying…happy they came back in time for pov6 cyz probably going to be raid challenge there

With low expectations and high hopes, I ask if there is an ETT on this Find Recruits Mission?

ETT is only available sometimes in the Find Recruits II quest, not the normal Find Recruits one :slight_smile:


How quickly your hopes will be crushed. For your desire is akin to waiting for your rooster to lay an egg.
It may look (ish) like a :chicken:, but it has none of the egg-laying tools.

Thank you both for your replies and for letting me down gently

Bonus credit for the anology–as both a Donkey and a Mouse, I appreciate any and all animal anologies


you’re not really waiting for a miracle, are you? I am sure that the epic troops coin will no longer give. The game makers will certainly not continue to give away any epic troop coins as a reward in “find recruits 2” because otherwise they would give away 200 jewels, which would normally cost an epic troop summoning. I no longer believe in a miracle. you maybe the game is getting better and better and therefore more popular and therefore definitely not more generous. only attract the players with lots of gifts and rewards and later no longer give but take. the principle works like a gambling machine :wink:

I am so excited for the next Recruits II event which will probably have a coin again and all you foil hat conspiracy folks will look really silly. I however, am regretting subscribing to this thread and getting updates every time one of you makes a comment. Over the years, Recruits II has been just over 50% for ETT, but that does NOT mean you will see one every other event… Be patient, play the game and if you don’t have anything meaningful to say then be silent.


Who’s going for it this time?

it has to be you …

NO! Twenty characters!


Again no token


Thanks for checking! I updated the thread title.


hope dies last :nerd_face:

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Was gonna try but seems not thanks for the update @Kaenguru


This comment aged like milk hahahah


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