Recruits II epic

This is two recruits II in a row without an epic troop token, has the token been removed from this quest?

Not sure of any changes but I got a gold troop token this morning from recruits II.

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@Petri I was under the impression that everyone gets it if it’s available…

It has been in abput 50% of the time. We had 3 in a row with it once. So two in a row without is not a shock

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I didn’t get anything the last 3 times I’ve completed it. They’re getting very stingy…

We are getting conflicting information now. It’s always been the same for everyone, either everyone got one, or everyone didn’t.

I’ve heard a few times that this quest doesn’t have one today. Yet Oniahlater is reporting differently. Which is it?

People in my clan said that there wasn’t one.

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I didn’t get one, and I would assume same quest for everyone with same token or no token

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I got a flash deal around the same time the quest showed up this morning, troop token and 200 gems, maybe that’s where the confusion came from?


I got one. I haven’t asked Toys if they all did. Strange…

Edit: My team mates did not. I’m guessing human error (bad memory) on mine. :confused:

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At least 2 of us in Departed did not get it, and I did not get on my alt; going to try on the stupid alt just for giggles and may even try on my main too given recruits II isn’t a waste in it’s own right unlike some but previously I thought it was all or nothing.

ETA: did not get one on stupid alt.

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I’ll give it a go too. Since there may be some shenanigans afoot.

I didn’t receive one

Completed this morning and no epic token was received. I think they axed this hidden reward with the last update, as the previous Recruit II mission gave no hidden bonus either.

no bonus received myself

Make mine as I did not get it either. I did both the flash deal and recruits II. I think the troop token did come out of the flash offer instead.

I didn’t receive it on one account, haven’t tried the other yet. @Rook How certain are you it wasn’t from something else?

I didn’t not get one, but have the past 2 times

Honestly, I’m wondering if I didn’t get it outside Recruits. Faulty memory, o how you plague me! :sob:


Darn it Rook! :wink:

Likewise I went through Recruits II on my main and no token there either, though I did get that curious mismatch between the items/recruits number and what I actually received in the loot screen that someone mentioned earlier.

I’m kind of down to a “pics or it didn’t happen” mentality when it comes to Recruits II and a token on this current iteration.

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