Recruits II - Epic Troop Token log - 50% of chance of universal token drop per spawn - March 10/11 = YES



I do this topic to keep track of the epic troop coin (and spare world energy if you do it just for that)

Whoever has already done it can post here if there is or not.
I assume that the loot is the same for all the players.

Recruit Quest
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Anyway to delete unwanted troops
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Master List of E&P Links
Master List of E&P Links
Surprise in Recruit Quest!

One of my ally members finished it already - this time we get a coin. :slight_smile:


Thanks Alaine, then it’s worth a try.
If someone don’t get it, post it pretty please.


we received a coin today in our alliance


everyone in our alliance did it, and all got a coin :smiley:


Yes, this one gives Troop Coin!


Got an epic troop coin today


Thank you for the heads-up! I finished it and also got the Epic Troop coin. I let my alliance know, too.


Yes I got an epic troop token when I completed recruits.


In our alliance we have 14 tokens at the moment. Can become more.


I bring good news. The current Find Recruits II gives epic troop token.


Thank you for testing it!

Edit-I’ve personally confirmed it as well.


Thanks @kahree :slightly_smiling_face:


Was a pretty dang good one too…


yes, we got one too
very nice!


Thats what I want too.


I had that troop already. I got the 3* version.


Next coin for everyone. :slight_smile:


Thanks Alaine. Was waiting someone to post because havn’t finish shiloh yet.


Is there always a coin at the end of recruits 2?