Recruits availability board


This just came to my mind so I may not be too clear in my explanation but here it goes:

-)First of all chatrooms are getting increasingly clogged by recruitment ads which I totally understand because I’ve been there myself frantically trying to fill spots and battling my way among hundreds of ads that scroll out the minute you post them.
-)Situation is so dire that recruiters are forced to post ads outside AR and no matter the risk of being reported they will continue to do it because everybody cares about his/her ally and wants to get it to work well.
-)On top of that it has already been addressed the fact that the alliance search is somewhat broken and only returns alliances with 24 or less members that may also have been dead for some time

So my thinking is why not turn the problem around?
Create a board where players looking for an alliance will signal their availability and recruiters could go there and see who is available.
This would clear the rooms and return them to their original purpose and free a good chunk of the recruiters’s time to actually play the game

It could be something like the member rooster of an ally and have very few search criteria like language spoke or game level or Titan * number preferred by the potential recruit… I do not know I leave the details to you pros on that.
The existence of this board and how to use it could be written in a message part of the levelling screen a player sees when they he/she reaches the minimum level to join an alliance and stay there as a reminder on every leveling window after.

Ok back to my dark hole chasing ascension mats and recruits