Recruits, Atlantis rising, VIP pass loot tickets and It's Raining Loot Tickets!- Coin rate is unknown- Updated with best Kits/ Backpack stages

I did 9-10 on hard for the first time and got the sea dragon but did not get more than 5 Atlantis coins. So I guess you have to have beaten the level to get bonus coins

Does Auto-loot gives coins?
I did around 100 WE, and no one showed up. I did 2-1-9…
Where do you guys farm in atlantis rises?

I’d like to know too…I’m over 100 we used and no tokens.


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And if you manage to run out of loot tickets while burning through a stockpile of WE flasks, I’ve noticed that a universal auto-farming team of Melendor, Rigard, Kiril, Boldtusk, Wu Kong works pretty well on any of the Normal levels that do not have a special effect like Magic Night. I’m currently testing to see how far up the map this team can go on auto-pilot. Cleared S2-15-8N just now.

If you’ve got 5-star healers they would work better, but seasoned F2P / C2P players should be able to put that team together.



The coin drop rate is unknown.

Please discuss coins on this topic:

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According to your spread sheet:

2.1-XN appears to be 0.3 kits/ packs normally.
( 1.5 bonus loot * 0.3 kits * 6 original world energy ) / 3 AR world energy = 0.9 kits

2.12-6N is 0.37 kits / packs normally.
( 1.5 bonus loot * 0.37 kits * 7 original world energy ) / 4 AR world energy = 0.97 kits

Is the normal 0.3 kits versus 0.37 kits just RNG noise?

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I think 2:12-6N in particular may be noisy, it’s noted as only having 10 runs of data.

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure the high kits in 2.12-6N is just RNG noise.


My runs so far:

1/9 on normal difficulty:
29 runs (3 WE per run)
10 + 3 = 13 coins (all autoruns, most with several loot tickets at once)

4/3 on hard difficulty:
17 runs (7 WE per run)
4 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 3 = 16 coins (one run actually played, one run with 6 tickets, 10 separate runs with one single ticket)

15/8 on hard difficulty:
4 runs (9 WE per run)
No coins so far (one run with 4 tickets)

So, I’ve come across those special monsters at least 7 times so far (don’t know whether the 10 coins in that 8-ticket-run were from one or from more monsters).

They do exist, but noone can tell for sure where the occurrence rate is particularly high.

Level 15-8 hard mode by the way, I receive 48-52(!) recruits from one playthrough, plus all the other loot. That’s works out to like 5.75 recruits per WE and is the best deal in the game by far for recruit farming.

15/9 on normal difficulty is even better for farming recruits: almost 30 per run for 4 WE (28, 30 or 31 with 1/3 chance each), that’s more than 7.4 recruits per WE


Dang, you are right. Just tried this. That’s an incredible value. I’m loving this event.

15-9N for recruits in Atlantis rising is the new winner


15-9N - 14 times with auto loot tickets (1 ticket per run) = 5 Coins… This is just sad… (around 28-30 recruits per run, which is nice.)

“It rounds down. So 9-11 becomes 13,15,16 and 8-10 becomes 12,13,15.”

Good call. I finally just got around to checking this myself as well, and you’re absolutely right. The chart I posted in the other AR thread (or did I post it in the Barry Farms Here thread? I forget…) Iwas based on the assumption that they’d round up, which in hindsight was a dumb assumption!

ETA: But, I think the recruit rounding is rounded up? I’ll have to couble check that too (unless you already know)…

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Devs have often rounded up. So I was surprised at the round down.

Maybe they thought “Free loot, do not be greedy”?

Recruits are definitely rounded down.

All rounding appears to be down. Which sucks for rare items because +0.5 rounded down is +0. But if they rounded up, it would double all 3* / 4* loot drops.

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OMG 1463 loot tickets??? That’s insane

I think the way it works is that the number of drops is determined first, then each drop gets its’ own roll for # of stars, then each item gets its’ own roll for which one of the items of the applicable # of stars it will be. This is speculation on my part, but it would fit with the way they do other loot (including what you get in featured packs that can be purchased in the shop).

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Has anyone screened Pepita de Oricalco?

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