Recruits, Atlantis rising, VIP pass loot tickets and It's Raining Loot Tickets!- Coin rate is unknown- Updated with best Kits/ Backpack stages - Average 100 dragons per 6,000 WE

Argh. Thought Advanced House Level 1 would let me use all my world energy at once but Level 1 only adds recruits per hour not storage.

So my 299 recruits from 10x loot tickets in 2.15-9N did not fit in my 294 recruits storage ( Stronghold + Advanced House Level 1 + 3x House Level 20 ).

The yellow dragons are back…

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Which province have you met Seadragon?

Hey, I’m completing these stages for the first time, so I’m not sure if that makes a difference as to the seadragon appearing? S2Normal 26:3, 26:7, 26:10 and 27:1 thus far. An average 4 extra Atlantis coins per seadragon.

There is a different thread started during the last Atlantis summons which lists other regions people found seadragons.

Good luck.

Team order Quotes

For discussion of the coin drop rate:

(How rare exactly is the Atlantis Rises seadragon? (10% chance) - #145 by Gryphonknight)

You didn’t notice that you get worse loot when using multiple loot tickets at the same time? The difference is quite big, so it’s really better to tap the tickets one by one.

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I have to agree with this. I get much more loot when I use loot tickets one at a time.

Confirmation bias or not, maybe it really is just my imagination, but I’ll stick to using each ticket individually until somebody proves otherwise.

This is false. Track the data, you’ll see.

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I will be aiming to complete the Gashadokuro/Kappa missions next AR and don’t think auto-play will be smart enough to beat stage 14-9. I can’t play it on repeat due to time constraints so I’m looking into using loot tickets. In terms of accumulating loot tickets, would the Fast Lane “deal” currently in the shop (90 tickets, 5 WE flasks, and some trainers for 1400 coins) be worth buying? 5 WE refills is 500 coins and 90 tickets is like $3 if the VIP pass for one month is only $5 (so,say, 280 coins), plus some trainer heroes that I don’t even want (even though they have coin value). Doesn’t seem to be a very good deal just to get 90 tickets but curious to get your thoughts.

I’ve farmed some hundreds WE flasks during AR and noticed a quite noteable difference. I’m not alone in doing that observation either. I’m not wasting any more WE+tickets in doing them in batch to prove it to you though. But likewise, I encourage you to check your data.

Best regards, Feraldreamer

I use to think it was a good deal, when I first started playing. However, I’ve noticed you accumulate loot tickets and WE flasks from titans, AW and monster chests just by daily play.


Heh heh. I’ve got 3,940 runs entered into a spreadsheet to back up my claim. How about you?

ETA: Also, see Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide for Season 3, Season 2, Season 1, Elemental Chests, Atlantis Rises, Missions, and more - #63 by gregschen

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Still undecided if I am updating the numbers for change:

duration for Atlantis Rises Event has changed. It will now last 3 days instead of 4

And I was so excited about the new Challenge event

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Season 1 or 2? Thank ya for the advice

I have a simple question which area has the highest exp points, I have stocked up on a lot of these items and recruits I am getting my TC loaded and running for weeks but I am trying to gain levels based on experience points that 1 WP increase can make a world of difference

Province 9, level 10, normal mode, gives the most XP per world energy during Atlantis Rising

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AR.6-9N farming

Farming AR.6-9N for recruits, and farmable 3* ascension items, for HA08 Epic Heroes ( chasing Guardian Falcon )


Vivica b.5* 4.80,
Frida 5*+1,
Rigard b.4^75+18,
Magni b.5*+1,
Wu Kong b^4*+18,

b.= base hero, no costume
b+= base hero with costume bonus
b^= base hero with maximum costume bonus
c+= costume and costume bonus
X^Y+Z= Rarity/ Stars X LB Level ^Y Class +Z example b.5^85+15


Click for notes

Recruits per WE

farmable 3* ascension items


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Reposting for smartphones and future reference

AR Province 1, Difficultly Normal ( AR.1-xN)

Normal WE= 6
AR WE= 3
Loot= +50%

Click for Table
Stage ARRpWE recruit Wv MpW MpBW MpR Special Note about Stage
AR.1-2N AR x4.88 13,15,16 3 Wv 3,4 B03 9-11 -
AR.1-3N AR x4.88 13,15,16 3 Wv 3,4 B03 9-11 Poison Mist
AR.1-5N AR x4.44 12,13,15 4 Wv 3,4 B03 12-15 -
AR.1-1N AR x4.44 12,13,15 3 Wv 3,4 B03 9-11 -
AR.1-4N AR x4.44 12,13,15 4 Wv 3,4 B03 12-15 -
AR.1-7N ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Values same as AR.1-4N
AR.1-6N AR x4.44 12,13,15 4 Wv 3,4 B03 12-15 Poison Mist
AR.1-8N AR x3.88 10,12,13 3 Wv 3,4 B03 9-11 -
AR.1-10N AR x3.88 10,12,13 4 Wv 3,4 B03 12-15 -
AR.1-9N AR x4.44 12,13,15 4 Wv 3,5 B03 12-18 1st Wv alert & Poison Mist

ARRpWE= AR Recruits per World Energy
Recruits = Possible recruit drops
N WE= Normal World Energy
AR WE= AR World Energy
Wv = Waves
MpW= Mobs per Wave
EMx= x number of Elite Mobs
Bx= x number of monsters including Boss
yxB = y number of Bosses
MpBW= Monsters per Boss Wave
MpR= Monsters per Run
1st Wv alert= Depending on RNG, and team, first wave can be difficult for auto play


Auto play

Grinder Gang v1, & v2, good against Poison Mist

(Wu Kong grinder gang or Powerful rainbow auto play team or Wu Kong plus 4 healers)

See also

Click for see also


(Recruits, Atlantis rising, VIP pass loot tickets and It's Raining Loot Tickets!- Coin rate is unknown- Updated with best Kits/ Backpack stages - Average 100 dragons per 6,000 WE - #68 by Gryphonknight)


(Valhalla Forever - Optimum Levels for Farming - #57 by Gryphonknight)


(UD Province 1 & 2, Difficultly Normal ( UD.1-xN & UD.2-xN ))


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