Recruits and Heroes don't read manuals enough

Well I mean Training Manuals.
Training Manuals are flagged as 1 star items so they’re commonly found and I’m sure alot people sporting a legendary party could drop screenshot showing they own thousands.

This happens because the only items used to train heroes are actually Adventurer’s kits and Wooden swords.
Training Manuals are used in:

  1. lev.10 Training labeled “Advanced”: don’t think anyone would use it locking a traning camp for a day with the promise of 1-3 stars hero. Better rush to 12 and have it guaranteed
  2. lev.12 Traning labeled “Guaranteed Rare”: this is the main use of the training manual, I think but needs 2 days and uses just 1 manual. How many you can find playing in 2 days? And how long before you reach lev.13 and start using “Elite” training that is more promising?
  3. ascending 2 stars heroes: how many heroes of this kind you will ascend before you get enough 3 stars ones?

So my request is: please change some of the commonly used traning methods so we can make better use of manuals. Or are E&P heroes illitterate?

A very similar topic could have as subject Rugged clothes.
I wish to thank Coppersky for his very useful references that helped me alot when I started to play.


Training manuals are mainly trash you get when you get ascension items as loot but it rolls as 1*. There isn’t much use for them. I have almost 4000 of them.

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