Recruitment Refined

So Alliance Recruitment (AR) is the new GC (General Chat). GC the new AR. Recruitment is crazy, tedious, for both recruiters and person looking.

The chat goes crazy fast, so many colour, so many off topic conversations. It’s not pleasant. So much so until new forms have developed. Via Line, via FB, Reddit etc. But what if all I want to do is play in game and not seek out external sources.

Have a room where chat itself is disabled. Where recruiters submit their ADS. Recruitees go to find a new home. Make it in such a way both can select certain criteria when submitting and looking. Language, titan level, relaxed, competitive, Optional wars, Top 100, Top 500, etc…

I think this will calm the craziness that presently takes place in both GC and AR.

I like the craziness of all the rooms.
I have never joined an alliance just cuz of an ad, but they were fun talking chatters.

Yes you may like it…but its undeniable that it’s put off for others. The speed, the colours, the dating and hook up that goes on there…:rofl::rofl:. Its too much sometimes. Sometimes all someone wants to do it find an alliance, based on certain criteria.

Its the WIld Wild West.
Let it be raw.

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