Recruitment question?

Is it against the rules to join an alliance you just beat in war and recruit their best players to join your alliance? Sure, it’s a sleezy thing to do, but can you get banned for doing that if someone reports you?

I’ve never heard any rules on recruiting. Each person is free to leave any alliance whenever they choose.

Now, anyone who makes a habit of trying to poach may find themselves on an unofficial list by the community.


against the rules no

ethically correct either
I think it speaks very badly of your alliance to do that and sooner or later you will win the hatred of many people


Thought maybe this is a topic for general discussion?

I don’t think there are rules against your suggestion, but opens the door to an opposing alliance reciprocating. How would it feel to have your players poached :thinking:?



I’m not saying I’m doing it, but the thought did occur.

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Hm… :thinking:
I’ll bite. :grin:

As mentioned about there are no rules in the game preventing an individual wanting to act in such a way, but there is perhaps an issue of etiquette.

Here’s a further scenario to consider. Joining a seemingly dead alliance with still active players and seeing if they want a change.


I think this is a natural progression of the BS that the game has let players get away with so far - devs have allowed players to manipulate game mechanics and find advantages by operating in the “grey areas” between what’s technically allowed or not, regardless of whether it’s sportsmanlike, polite, proper, or fair.

They let this war shuffle crap go on long enough that players are now actively looking for other ways to operate within the grey areas of the rules. I vehemently disagree with this approach but I’m not surprised at all that this attitude is progressing - players have complained for so long about shufflers that now it’s just an accepted practice. Yeah sure, devs are finally starting to do something about, but letting it go on for so long has obviously already set the precedent if players are openly asking about other ways to take advantage of other teams. Not that poaching players is a new idea or anything, but actively asking for support on an idea you admit is sleazy? C’mon man.

If this is all you’re concerned about then the conversation is already over. With all of the different ways to recruit new members, poaching from other teams seems like the right way to go? And just to add insult to injury, you want to gut all the strongest players from a team you just beat? You’re damn right it’s a sleazy thing to do. And unnecessary. And intentionally inconsiderate.

I don’t see any justifiable reason for stealing players away from an active alliance - if it’s a zombie crew with a few actives then sure, offering them a way out of it might be appreciated. But to join an active alliance with mixed player levels just to try and take away their best players - from within their own group chat - is about the most dickish option available. It’s one thing if they want to leave on their own; it’s another thing entirely to actively try and break apart the group.

Well I thank you so far for that and hope that you continue to let your conscience be your guide. I urge you and anyone reading not to do this, and please just abandon the idea. There is a plethora of places to recruit new members, and none of them introduce the unnecessary ill will of this this home-wrecker approach. If you really want to target specific recruits instead of the usual “open call” style of recruiting, then please consider what @ThePhilosopher mentioned above - at least then you’d be offering a win-win scenario for everyone involved:


Damn, I hit a nerve with you didn’t i? Sowwy boo.

Not directed at you as much as the idea.
People gonna do what they do.

Against the rules, no

But not really cool sportsmanship.

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If you only want to snached some of their top player, I’m sure everyone will agree that its just not right, but not in a way that can make your account banned by SG because its not against their rule. Its just not nice in general

However, if your intention is to propose an alliance merger its a different story i guess. In that case you can politely invite all of the team members to join your alliance.

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