Recruitment - In Need Of A Dire Overhaul!

I’m pretty sure 99% of people on here will agree with me that the alliance recruitment system in EP sucks.

So, rather than just whine about it I thought i’d list some ideas that SG will hopefully consider.

  • Add a ‘Looking For Alliance’ flag to player’s profiles. Default it to ‘OFF’ and lock it to ‘OFF’ when in an alliance but have the ability to switch it on when not in an alliance and looking for one and have this viewable on your profile. Even better, when in chat rooms have the alliance name set to ‘Looking For Alliance’ in a different colour to usual alliance tags if your flag is ON

  • GIve a 120 character description you can put in when you are LFA which people can see on your profile. That way you can put in comments like “daily player, not interested in Wars, wants 10* titans”

  • Give alliance leaders/co-leaders a search facility to allow them to filter all LFA players by level, cups, Raid team TP, Language, etc

  • Allow leaders/co-leaders to invite players direct from the LFA search and put a message in their invite. i.e. “Hi, saw you in LFA and think you’ll be a good match for us, 100% war flag use and fighting 99* titans”

Let’s face it AR Chat does not work in any form forcing people to try and recruit on social media groups or the forum here… Or if you’re really lucky you may be one of the honoured few invitees to the secret LINE recruitment rooms!

Been there…ends up just like AR!

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Good ideas, if you want invites to the line recruiting rooms then line me: jrigs

Hey there,

I really loved this idea, I’ve been thinking about something similar but more focused in Alliances’ filters rather than in people in search of an Alliance. You’ve covered almost everything I was thinking of so I’ll add a few ideas I had (not listed) in case you may like and add them if that’s fine.

  • Alliance Profile: I’d leave the current description as it is but restrict who can see it to the members of the Alliance in question. Instead, I’d add a larger Alliance Description (120 characters as you proposed is just fine) that will be visible for everyone, sorta like an Alliance’s profile. More changes? to such a profile I’d add Total, Cups, Titan and War points, aswell as a Titan Range that should automactically update when going up/down titans and, of course, the amount of players in the Alliance. Why? If a filter is added whoever is looking for an alliance will have a huge amount of data of what that alliance is like, right now you either search by name or you go through a ton of 1-5 member alliances who has been inactive for the last 100 days.

If all of it is implemented we won’t just have a very nice way to find new members and recruit them, but also, everyone will have a very nice way to find an alliance they’d fit in, it’s a win win for everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Voted and tracking, keep up with the good work!

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