Recruiting to alliance - change type name from "Invitation" to "Application"

By playing this game for a long time I noticed that a lot of players misunderstand a matter of recruiting to alliance.
There are permanently repeating matters on a global chat like:
“Send me an invitation to your alliance, because I don’t know how to join.”
And everybody must explain, how it works - player don’t receive an ivitation but must join alliance on his own.

What SG should do? I think it’s an issue, but will make game more clear, exactly for new players.

Change type of recruitment from “Invitation” to “Application”, because, to be honest, player are not invited but they must apply on their own. Nobody sends any “invitation”. If player have to send an anpplication, it really should be named “application”.

I’m not sure how it in english version, but in my, polish, there is exactly “invitation”.

Hope for change. Vote if You think that this have any sense :wink:

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