Recruiting: Path of Daggers (25/30) - Healthy Online Community - 9*+ Titans, FFA War, Rotating tank colour (Blue)

Mid October Update

Two members returned to us, and couple new additions have almost got us up to capacity!

Have room for a couple more before we start the alliance quest - if you need people to compete with, come join us! We don’t bite unless asked to and safewords are confirmed!


This is a good active alliance to be a member of. I would recommend to anyone at all levels in the game. It’s all good, friendly and balanced.
For veterans there is a set of strong reliable players.
For new and mid range players, there is lots of help, support and guidance available to nurture growth at your own speed.
In game Chat is nice and healthy. And Discord is available if you prefer alternative chat.


Thank you very much for the hospitality. I really enjoyed my stay.
Just wanted to go on my travels to experience other alliances in the game before I finally retire from it at the end of 2022.
Many thanks, take good care of yourselves and I wish you all lots of luck in your gaming


Was a pleasure to have you.

Best wishes in your travel.

November 1 update

Had a couple long-term members leave so we’re back down to 25 today. A couple new additions have picked up the slack with almost seamlessly.

Really happy with the leadership team - great people supporting me here.

Alliance is very stable and performance has been very consistent even with the departures.

If you’re looking to make a change, check us out. We keep it simple - communicate, participate, and Enjoy!

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