Recruiting: Path of Daggers (25/30) - Healthy Online Community - 9*+ Titans, FFA War, Rotating tank colour (Blue)

April 21 Bump - Still looking for 1 member. Updated Poster. Come play with us!


hey im reaching out bc I don’t exactly have 800 trophies but I am active every day except when I get my phone taken away. I will always tell u guys that i wont be active until I get my phone bac but can I still join?

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Hi Awesome09,

Part of the reason for the 800 cup minimum is so that we don’t have players who are struggling to keep up and contribute. It isn’t fair to the rest of the alliance in war, mythic titans and daily titans if we have members who aren’t able to contribute enough for it to be meaningful. 809 cups is the threshold to get in so we don’t have to be booting players who wont be able to keep up.

It’s not personal - we also want players like you to have fun, and always fighting titans that one-shot your heroes, or war opponents you can’t score points against because they destroy your 3* teams is really demoralizing. I’d suggesting finding an active alliance of players your level and roster strength, and come to the forums to learn how to build that roster strength so you can get 800 cups.

Thanks so much for understanding and I wish you all the best in your journey.

Follow through on your responsibilities so you don’t lose your phone. That’s part of the responsibility value we have. Then you get to keep your phone and play more!


ok thanks for telling me

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Are trophy cap is 1800 but we do make exceptions at times. As long as you can always use your flags on titans and wars we’ll help you grow. We are an older alliance with most from 30yrs and up. If your interested lmk.

Oh forgot to tell you our alliance name lol silent stalkers check us out.

Perhaps you should create your own recruitment thread, rather than respond in another alliance’s thread?! Smh :sweat:

Apologies @CCG… Keep up the good work. Backing out now :innocent:.


Hey sorry didn’t realize that. Just got an email and responded. Besides I didnt see a problem since you already told him no. What someone cant offer to help someone grow? If anyone is SMH it’s me since you actually felt the need to even say something.

Hi Tpot -

Appreciate your intent - next time please tag the player in your own alliances recruiment channel please? Sarah2 is right - it’s a little rude to try and recruit inside another alliances recruitment thread. All is forgiven though - just please don’t do it again.

Thanks for saying something Sarah2. Kudos.

Hope the rest of you reading this and considering joining are brave like Tpot and Awesome09 and reach out - We still have one spot open! :grin:


uhh sometimes I get my phone taken away so I can’t use flags or log on

I wasnt trying to cause any problems and I apologize for posting on your thread. I honestly didnt realize it was an alliances thread. I thought it was from someone posting on the forum. Thanks for pointing it out tho. Dont want to seem like a rude person when I’m not. Good luck to you all.


May update.

Lots of players drifting in, ignoring participation requests and getting booted, or not aligning tank in War. Not cool. Raising Trophy required to 1400 to try and help with the flop house syndrome. If that doesn’t work, we will have to look at other options. 1 vacancy right now.


Lots of interesting adjustments. Had some experienced new players join after a few others didn’t pan out. Had us almost full before the last war. Looks like we’ve finally stepped up to consistently taking out 10* titans too, so that’s new and cool.

Also have been seeing a lot of players join our alliance while in the middle of a war, and stay until just afterwards, then leave.

So… For now I’m closing the alliance during war-time.

As always, if you’re interested in joining, please feel free to reach out, either on here or on Discord.

Also - New Poster!

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Looking for two members as of June 25.

Specifically, looking for a couple more awesome female players to help balance out the male/female ratio of our membership a little - we’ve got 7 right now and I’d love be to move that to 9 after the war is over. Balance would be wonderful.

We are 2 pts from filling out war chest, so it’s a great time to join so you can help fill the next one!

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Had a couple new member decide to return to their old alliance, as we weren’t hitting strong enough titans and another member retire from E&P. Have added two new members too, so we’re looking for 3 right now.

If you want an alliance that communicates, is active and likes learning and encouraging each other, congratulations!

You’ve found us!


Finished our War chest with another war win. After getting their loot, a few more newer members decided to look for greener pastures too. Were wonderful people and players, so we will miss them a great deal. Best wishes Anakin and Drago. You too Christian.

Now have 6 spots open.

Looking to fill all we can. If you’re part of a smaller alliance interested in a merger, or a player looking for a place to play that works to balance personal responsibility in-game with personal lives in a safe and healthy environment, come join us. We’d love to meet you.

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If you’re looking for a new group to play with check us out.

Hope you find the people you want to play with.

We’ve stabilized at 24/30. Easily killing 9⭐ titans.

Looking to find the kind of people you’ve always wanted to play this game with? Fun, dedicated supportive players that make your gaming time even better?

We’re really looks by forwards to meeting you and playing with you!

Had some success recruiting on other platforms. Do people not use the forums much anymore?

Well, if you’re here and looking for an alliance that’s a strong caring supportive place for people of all stripes, this may be the alliance you’re looking for.

Fair warning though - you may make some amazing friends…

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Late September 2021

Lots of success recently in our wars - some of our newer players are finishing their first 5* heroes and the impact on their war play is noticeable.

Still staying at 9* titans for the time being. Could move up to 10s with another established late game player or two.

If you’re still not sure about joining us, in the immortal words of Peter Griffin, " Com’on! Com’on!"