Recruiting Members! No Requirements Necessary

The “Sanctuary of De Gaea” is seeking active and talkative members to join its community.

De Gaea Sanctuary is a light to heavy roleplaying group whose members help one another achieve greatness and kill titans as a team, as well as defending the Sanctuary against invaders during wars.
No minimum cups or team power required, just be active, have fun and participate daily.

Highest titan we’ve now attacked is a 3 star, send us an invite and someone will accept you into the alliance!

Thanks in advance!
Joshie :slight_smile:

Hi! Do you have any rules regarding players with a lot of missed days/no titan hits. My current alliance won’t boot anybody until they are inactive for 20 days and don’t keep track of slackers who never hit titans so we’ve missed a couple of 3 stars.

We do, but that’s suspended currently as we are looking for active players who will communicate. As long as you can tell either me or karah in the alliance thwt youll be busy or whatever we will make sure we don’t boot you. We are understanding of current events regarding school and work trips. 97% of our alliance is active! Others periodically come on. We would greatly appreciate you joining us :blush: in order to be considered active you just need to communicate in the chat, attack the titan or participate in the war. As long as one of them are used you’ll be ok! But yeah you just need to let us know when you won’t be active. Then we won’t even look at your account :blush: hope that helps!

That sounds really good as long as my friend can join too…? I’m not sure how alliance invites work but I’ll PM the details.

Yeah that’s fine, you just have to send an invite through the alliance yourself basically Asking to join. Just be mindful of language because we do have a couple kids in our alliance

Sorry I can’t find a way to send a PM here. I can find your alliance in game but I don’t see any way to send an invitation/join request. What am I missing? Maybe I need to leave my current alliance first and then I’ll see something? In game I am Morwen and he is Azuth.

Yeah you have to leave your current alliance to join another one. Let me know when you send the invite, then I can quickly add you to the alliance

Great -thank you! I’ll send it tomorrow since I still have a stoneskin dragon to help kill (I owe my old guild that much.)

Sounds good mate! See you tomorrow

Sending requests Morwen and Azuth.

You’re both accepted :blush:

Post has been deleted.

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Hi there I’m Raven of Titandale & I’m a co-leader in Thunder Buddies. We are currently looking for new members to be out buddy. We are a small alliance & could use some help killing those pesky titans & in AW. We are by not the best but struggling to become better, will you be our buddy & help us get better, look for us in the search. All we ask is for you to be active in killing the titans & in the AW. we have under 15 members & want to grow larger. Please come be our new buddy!!

Hi @RavenStefano I think you’re trying to recruit on an old thread set up by another alliance.

You will probably have more success if you create your own separate thread under the alliance recruitment category. Good luck!

That very well may be true. I’m not sure not on the forums a lot but thanks for the info I’ll try again.