Recruiting for GHETTO FIGHTERS

Hi, I’m not sure if you’ve found a new home as yet. I am part of a smaller alliance who have grown together . We are 16 strong and range from 3355 to 4166. Our name is Ghetto Fighters. We do win quite a lot of wars but titans are a bit more difficult with only 16 peeps. We have taken down an 8 star in the past but difficult none the less. Come check out our team. We are quite cosmopolitan… America, England, Scotland, Nigeria, India and the Caribbean. We have our residential professor (VOHA) who knows too much about the game. The group comprises of businessmen and women, doctors, mechanics , stay at home mum’s and others. We have a good chat and are quite competitive. Come check us out
You’ll also find out how I got my name :slight_smile:

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