Recruiting for DRUNK HAMSTERS! 7-9* titans (and asking for some advice)

So first – Drunk Hamsters is a fun bunch, trying to get some more daily/regular players.

We had a few long-time veterans retire completely from the game.

Mostly crushing 7-9* titans. English-speaking alliance.

Looking for advice:
I’ve been playing for almost 4 years at this point, and have completed all upgrades.
I have a decent amount of heroes who are maxed at rank 4/level 80 (all Season 1 including 3 Joons, Aeron, Ariel, Baldur, King Arthur, Glenda, Zulag, Jean-François, Anzogh).

Probably hit somewhere between 20k-50k each attack on a titan.

Should I look for an alliance that’s a bit higher and more committed? (Are the rewards better?)

I’m at the stage that I’m not really lacking for ascension materials (still have 4 Farsight Telescopes, 16 Mysterious Tonics, 6 Mystic Rings, 5 Royal Tabards, and 11 Poison Darts). Usually the problem is more with having 5* heroes to rank up.

I am doing the recycle-a-5* but as we’ve figured out, the chances are about 5% or so for a non-S1 hero.

Hi @optimizer :slight_smile: I would say that doing 20-50k damage per titan flag would mean you can step up. No more building also means more ham and iron to craft fun battle items!

I’ve been playing a similar amount of time to you and find myself in the same 5* boat that you appear to be in! My issue is also not having any projects to max. I’m the unluckiest person I know when it comes to hero pulls, but I’m f2p so don’t complain too much. Despite my less than stellar line up, I currently lead a band of misfits tackling 12* titans. We’ve placed a cap at 12* because the rewards vs extra effort for 13* isn’t worth it (when we have members still trying to build out their base). I have also been in a top 100 alliance chaining 14* titans - and they are worth the effort but take a lot of investment. It’s not necessarily about who’s in your roster, but how you use what you’ve got! It’s also about everyone working together so you need active daily hitters to bring down the bigger beasts.

If you wanted to come trial a 12* you would be more than welcome to visit with us at TBD: Part Deux and see if you like it. We have 2 spots open for active players and are happy to give advice to help you get the most out of your titan teams. If 12* don’t suit, @Kalis (one of my co-leads) runs an alliance tackling 10* titans and might have a spot open. Feel free to message me on here, or discord: Macaque1902#2219, Line: Kungfu_ferret


Not to short change your current alliance, who could very well be a really great group, but yes, you absolutely should be looking to move to the next level of competitive gameplay. Especially with your roster of maxed 5* heroes.

I am the l leader of Cemetery Seeds (10* titan cap) as @Macaque1902 eluded to and am a co-lead in her alliance TBD: Part Deux (12* titan cap).

Both alliances are extremely active, with TBD being more competitive than CS.

25k-50k is a great points per flag average, but I’m willing to wager we can help you reach even loftier numbers with the unreal knowledge base both alliances have.

If you have Line or Discord, give @Macaque1902 or myself a holler and we can talk about it further. I can make this promise more than anything else - when you make the jump you will find yourself enjoying the game more, as the challenge is greater but more personally rewarding.

Reach out to us on Line:

Or on Discord:


Apologies if this is old news, but ascension item drops are based on titan loot tiers. Titan Loot Project - A Data Farming Project! Answering "What can/could I get from the Titan?"

I know it’s tl;dr, but the important point is the cutoff for 3 ascension drops is at tier 9 and 4 drops is tier 14. So if you’re not getting at least loot tier 9 you can definitely benefit from moving up to a more competitive alliance.

And I can vouch for tbd part deux, they are a great group of folks


hit me up in line (id: boolz_san). :wink:

Let us know if a group of you would like to move over to an active alliance. We had some malcontents that got weeded out and are looking to get back to 11* titans. War optional, but must use all flags if opted in. Merlion United. Message me on line @voodoopoker if you want to chat.

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