Recruiting for Clemson Alliance

CA is a laid back alliance, currently with 24 members and doing 7*/8* titans. Our members defense teams run from 2500 up to 4400. War is optional, but flag use is not. We prefer people that can communicate well and also chip in on the titan. We’re looking for learners or leaders, but mostly just cool people.

CA2 is a more competitive alliance with a higher threshold to admittance. You’ll need 6x 3500+ teams, full participation in the wars and a minimum of 3 hits per titan.

CA is the beginning and requires 200 cups to join. CA2 is invite-only, pulling from CA. We’re open to adding 1 new member or 10, if there is a smaller alliance looking to merge. We encourage the use of the Line app for coordination on Wars.

Most, but certainly not all, of our members are fans/alumni of Clemson University.

If you prefer, you can contact me on Line. My Line ID is fluxus_clemson.

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