Recruiting for Clemson Alliance and Clemson Alliance II

CA is a laid back alliance, currently with 20 members and doing 6*/7* titans. Our members defense teams run from 2500 up to 4300. War is optional, but flag use is not. We prefer people that can communicate well and also chip in on the titan. We’re looking for learners or leaders, but mostly just cool people.

CA2 is a more competitive alliance with a higher threshold to admittance. You’ll need 6x 3500+ teams, full participation in the wars and a minimum of 3 hits per titan.

CA is the beginning and requires 200 cups to join. CA2 is invite-only, pulling from CA. We’re open to adding 1 new member or 10, if there is a smaller alliance looking to merge. We encourage the use of the Line app for coordination on Wars.

Most, but certainly not all, of our members are fans/alumni of Clemson University.


This is a great Alliance with a lot of communication and help from all members. We are all about having fun and helping each other get better!

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:smirk_cat: Still looking for a few good players!

Man, did not know something like this existed. Class of 2006 and '08 Might have to check you guys out after this next war.
Out of curiousity, what level titans is the CA II hitting?

CA2… not sure on their titan level right now. All of them were originally in CA1, and we expanded with some of the more experienced guys moving to CA2. Some of the CA2 guys have alt accounts in CA1. CA1 is sort of a mixed bag of newer members and several that qualify for CA2, but haven’t made that move for one reason or another. CA1 has several members with 4100+ defense teams and stacked war teams, so it’s not really a “JV” team. CA1 member levels range from 19 to 59. CA2 member levels are 39 to 56. The biggest difference between the two alliances is that CA2 is more demanding with required war participation and a minimum of 3 hits on every titan. The addition of CA2 also allowed us to recruit more members as we were constantly at 30/30.

I think you’ll enjoy being around other Clemson guys. Some of us are season ticket holders and all of us talk about the games and Clemson in general.

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