Recruiting and Alliance advertising should cost gems


Recruiting and Alliance advertising, in the game, should cost gems.
Pure and simple.
It is free for a player to browse the random alliance portal, but for an alliance to be promoted, the leader or one of the members should pay some gems.
For example, 50 gems should make the alliance name to stick on top of all searches for an hour.
This way we get rid of all c r a p we see every freaking second in the chat.


The chat-channel is created for ally recruitment?! If you don’t wanna see the ads don’t join the channel? I think this idea is beyond horrible. Especially because SG destroyed the chances that new ppl find into ACTIVE alliances easily…


why should recruiting cost gems? how would this benefit anyone? are you saying you don’t like seeing recruitment ads in the recruiting channel?


Seems to me to be very easy to avoid even opening the thread (or any thread for that matter), if you don’t want to read the contents.

I enjoy reading the recruitment ads and I’m not even looking for another alliance.

Guess it’s just like any other form of advertising. If I don’t want to read it or see it, I ignore it or change the channel.


I enjoy the ads. Some people take time to create some fantastic ads. I would not pay gems to post mine.


There is a lot of recruitment in general i will agree. Maybe a better solution is to inform new play were to go most times there are no new people in ar because they simply do not know where it is. When you reach level 4 there needs to be a tutorial of all the different chats so everyone knows. Just a thought.


i suggested that as well. but some veterans feel that takes away from the experience of figuring out the game. they also had full alliances of veteran players though


I agree there are definitely things noobs should learn by themselves but it would be nice to actually have a AR chat because everyone knows about it


I did not know there were different chat rooms for a long time. The game chat is horrendous. I actually like this idea except for one small (big) problem - it doesn’t prevent people from recruiting in general chat. So, it fails to accomplish the goal.

I like the tutorial idea. When you go to chat, instead of (or in addition to) the “be kind rewind” note, it tells about the different rooms. Then add a “don’t show me this message again” toggle. Good idea @Liljo and @Rigs.


i brought it up 8 months ago or more. we’ll see if it’s better recieved now than then. Devs have said they frown upon recruitment ads anywhere but AR, but I dont know if they really want to start cracking down on it or not


Bad idea - recruiting is already a hard job. You want to make it ludicrously expensive also?

And how do you think this would even work? someone pays to be at the top for an hour. So do 20 other alliances… so who is at the top, does it change every time someone pays?.. looks like this idea would only fill SG’s pocket, to the detriment of every recruiting alliance.
As @Maaeetz, @Rigs and @princess1 have suggested, if you don’t like reading the ads, don’t go to the AR chat room. If you don’t like them because you are recruiting and aren’t getting as much exposure as you would like… well, I doubt your suggestion would help you recruit successfully.